EveVision: The EVE UI you always wanted

Hello everyone! I’d like to show you my latest project: EveVision. It is a desktop application and platform for extending the EVE UI.

Visit the EveVision homepage!

You can download EveVision and help contribute at the GitHub repo here.

Join the Discord server

If you run into problems, please report them on GitHub or our Discord!


Wow, that’s impressive. Looks like a really helpful app.

Will you be posting future updates to the app in this thread?

Thank you!

Honestly, this forum sees very little activity. I will keep this thread up to date with major updates, but I already have in-game update notifications, a discord, and GitHub.

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Niiiiice!!! - that looks awesome!


Corpmate just linked this, bloody impressive, will dl when i have abit of time :slight_smile:


This is awesome, mate! <3

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Big update today.


  • evevision is now packaged as a one click installer as well as a portable EXE (49dc8ca) this resolves the issues with most antiviruses

  • external tools can now be reloaded with ctrl+R/ctrl+shift+R and navigated with alt+left/alt+right (49f6c50)

  • add adashboard.info (#54) (6e68c47)

  • add eve onion (b1e13aa)

  • add EVE Radio (79156f7)

  • add eve radio and jukebox to default favorites (36c7dbe)

  • add EVE Ref (6d15153)

  • add fleet overview tool (#53) (7494372)

  • add screeps MMO (yes, you can play an MMO inside an MMO) (8fd8a1e)

  • add yandex translator (8c318fe)

  • show corp logo if no custom welcome logo is available (933be46)

Bug Fixes

  • external tools can now open popup windows, i.e. evemarketer’s login (4276161)
    (you will still need to reload evemarketer with ctrl+R after logging in)
    actually fixed in 1.7.1
  • actual links that open a new window now work instead of just window.open calls (3fc7bbc)
  • check for destroyed windows to prevent error when opening tool (06f5139)
  • dont show installer dialogs for oneclick (ab5cecd)
  • links in about and welcome window now work (497a5ca)
  • sentry should now be activated (832b099)
  • show popup if injection fails (b4e95bc)
  • windows are no longer left running in the background when eve closes (0db9e32)

Had to make a quick fix in 1.7.2, so here’s the latest release: https://github.com/evevision/evevision/releases/tag/v1.7.2

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1.8.0 released, allowing adding custom tools to EveVision!


Impressive. So happy to see such a tool.
When I get back to playing in about 1 month, I will be sure to use it :smiley:


Can we please not do this again you guys.

Lucas, you’ve made your point that you believe this tool to be against EULA. In the end that is CCP’s call to make.

Please let this argument drop. Everyone.

Update: EULA argument posts removed. If you believe you have found an exploit please feel free to notify us through the proper channels with a ticket via https://support.eveonline.com/hc/en-us under the EULA and TOS category. Also please note that discussion of exploits is against forum rules.


@Niedar is making pretty good work on the Jukebox for custom playlists!

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Great software, can’t wait to rat risk-free and crush all the newbies.

PS: Can we get this thread stickied since it’s officially supported by CCP?

Thank you for giving us just a little space where sanity prevails and we can discuss things like rational human beings.


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I think you are going to the nearest oculist the next day they accept visitors. You seems to be seeing things that are nonexistent.

Wow, nice try to flag comments and edit your own.

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This looks VERY promising!
Would it be possible to add the option to edit custom tools once created?

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Yep! Will do.

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