Eve Vision: play EVE without ever needing to leave EVE

Very cool


Looks nice. Eve at it kinda sorta should be. I’ve bookmarked the page …

But I think I’ll let it mature a bit before trying it out. Problem with 3rd party tools is they come and go, I’d hate to rely on this for the plug to be pulled at some point.

@CCP_Aurora However, possibly CCP should take note :slight_smile:

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Very cool, Thanks for sharing.

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This should 100% be bannable. There’s no way this software doesn’t give a massive advantage to anyone using it when you start using tools that feed back through ESI.

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Might as well ban users that have multi-monitors then. Or play in a tabbed window.

Edit: This is what the eve in-game browser should have been.


Not sure what you mean. The only feedback I saw was setting destination from within Eveeye. You’ve been able to do this and from Evemarketeer for as long as I’ve been playing (3 years+).

Not true, because you still have to change focus to interact with those.

Things like being able to open market windows from eve-mogul and the location tracking on tripwire. While those aren’t too bad if you have to swap between windows, this lets you do all of that without losing focus of your EVE client. Whatever way you swing it, that’s a significant advantage over someone not using this software which is CCPs red line.

Bear in mind it’s bannable to overlay potions of another EVE client into an active client because it gives intel that otherwise would be in a different window, but now suddenly you can have intel tools that can show multiple characters data embedded directly in the client without losing focus? Seems like it’s sailing past that red line to me.

Then report and let CCP judge that. Not you.

Now I expect a multi paragraph tirade…


The biggest take from this, is just how utterly incompetent CCP are at designing/developing the EVE UI…


Is this software free?

At the moment.

So really, if EveVision is available to everyone free of charge, then that’s more fair than others using multi-monitor setups or multi-boxing, since there are financial impediments for some to utilize those.


But that’s not CCPs position. If it were then grouping input with autohotkey would be fine because that’s free too. CCPs positions is that multiple monitors is fine but that third party software must not be used to give an advantage over players who do not have that software. You can argue where the line is drawn all day long, that’s between you and CCP but as it currently stands this software is not EULA compliant as it give a clear advantage to players using it.

Amusingly the reason there’s so many people jumping up and down trying to strawman their way through the thread is because it will provide them an advantage and they (and seemingly you) like that. Null groups want it because it can massively increase their safety if they tie it to their intel apps.


Or maybe, just maybe, people interpret you as pissing all over something that took someone a lot and time effort to make, and they believe that your reasoning for doing so is flawed.

Hey bro, I thought you might be a good person to ask? Are any features of EveVision that are in violation the EULA, or in a grey area?


Looks nice.

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Doubtful since people piss all over the achievements of others all the time on this forum. I’m sure bots take time and effort to build too, but I can’t imagine you’d be arguing that botting software should be acceptable, so why should software that injects a UI into EVE to give a significant advantage be exempt from criticism?

The reason nullbears want this is that they know that with the right app behind it they can make a lot of activities significantly easier. There’s already talk of bringing near2 back to interface with it and I’ve seen people talking about one-click trading apps where you click an icon in EVE Vision which opens the market window to your next undercut item and copies your new price to your clipboard. The advantages this kind of UI gives are massive.

Now we only need player made CQ back.


I call BS on that. People will pounce on forum whiners, and can… adamantly… disagree with each other, but they tend not to piss on other people’s achievements. In fact, they can often be quite supportive.

Yeah, you rightly called somone out on using a strawman argument, but you then used a hasty generalization when you claimed that everyone was using strawman arguments, and are now using a reductio ad absurdum.

Finally, you do know that the EULA says “unfair advantage” and not “significant advantage” (or even advantage). I mean, all of the third party tools worth their salt give a significant advantage. The question is whether or not they give an unfair advantage, and we are talking about a (1) free program that is available to everyone without restriction, and that (2) seems to be more of a QOL thing than anything else. Moreover, if people do use other programs and plugins in combination with this program in way that is in violation of the EULA, that doesn’t make this program guilty by association. You have to consider what it does on it’s own. The only caveat to that would be that I’m sure that CCP has the right to prohibit the program if it makes it too easy for other EULA violating code to be used. But, that would be up to CCP.

Holy crap, how is it that every post you make has like 12 things I disagree with in it. I can’t even touch on them all without writing one thousand word walls of text. And, I still owe you a reply from the last thread we were arguing in. Sigh, I think I might do like Paul Torin and toss the baton to someone else for this thread.


very noice, thanks for sharing

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