Eve Vision: play EVE without ever needing to leave EVE

I’m not part of CCP, so bear that in mind. Everything is purely my opinion.

That said, as far as I understand it, Eve Vision is just a browser being injected in the same way that the steam browser is.

It makes no changes to Eve. Thus, it’s ok.

But like I said, I’m not part of CCP. And I’ve not really looked into at it.


As I stated above, it’s different from the steam browser because the steam browser takes over the screen, so it’s like alt tabbing. This browser is integrated into the client so you can freely click between the browser and actions within the client.

Once you take into account the amount of intel that can be brought in across multiple characters and the control looped back to the client through ESI, I really struggle to understand how someone can look at it and not see that it provides a significant unfair advantage.

Once you take into account the amount of intel that can be brought in across multiple characters and the control looped back to the client through ESI, I really struggle to understand how someone can look at it and not see that it provides a significant unfair advantage.

…What? You are just stringing random words together at this point. You hate my program so much that you had to continue this tirade from Discord three weeks ago the last time you saw my program talked about? For reference, this guy spent a bunch of time trying to convince everyone on a Discord server of the same thing. He REALLY does not like that this program exists, and I’m not sure why.

Not to beat a dead horse, but let me yet again invalidate your arguments since you seem to want to ensure my hard work goes to waste:

  • It doesn’t let you see any extra information you couldn’t before. Additional monitors, pinning browsers with DisplayFusion etc, or even just using windowed mode with a browser next to it has always been around. Several tools already draw over EVE. So this part doesn’t matter whatsoever.
  • The ability to go back and forth between EVE and EveVision windows isn’t some special thing enabled by it ACTUALLY drawing in the game. Pinned windows already work the exact same way. That one DPS graph overlay comes to mind. So, this part of your argument is also invalid.
  • Your remaining argument for unfairness is that other players don’t have it as part of the installer. They also don’t have any of these other third party tools that we’ve been using for a decade. Are you telling me we should ban D-Scan Info? Dotlan? ESI in general?
  • And finally, regarding your point where ‘a bot writer could write all the tools to read game data and chain together actions but not actually write the behaviour’… Yeah, that’s true… except I didn’t write a single thing that enables you to violate the EULA any more than you already could. If a web-based tool violates the EULA, it’s gonna violate it whether or not it’s inside EveVision. We should ban Chrome too while EVE is running, I guess? This is literally just Chromium with the ability to draw over EVE, something that is fundementally no different than an always-on-top Chrome browser.

You seem to just be one of those types of people who likes to be controversial for the sake of it. Get over yourself. The only thing EveVision does is level the playing field, it doesn’t make it more unfair. Maybe if you’re the only one out of 2000 people saying something, you’re the incorrect one.



I was not wrong. There is not a thread on these forums with Lucas in it, that does not devolve into a ping pong match. All for the sake of having the last word.

I am done with this thread.

Awesome stuff with the development. I don’t like using 3rd party software in games but it looks awesome. Until CCP decides this is an issue but I cannot see that happening, ignore Lucas.


Yes, I stand up for my opinions. If you don’t like it, block me.

Its not like you have contributed something of value.

Your basis for continuing to express objection at the existence of this software.

Funny, when I decided an article on the impact of ganking was fairly irrelevent for the same reason, you discounted it.

Your hypocritical ramblings are just that,m being a grumpyold man yelling at a cloud. You literally add nothing but division.

So yeah like I said, you want kudos for defending your own hypocritical, unsupported view and are getting pissy when called on it, and calling it a virtue.

Oy vey, please stop standing so close to me in the store, Boomer.


Oh, I get it, you’re one of those people who just immediately says ‘stop having a tantrum’ whenever someone calls you out for your argumentative fallacies and truly believes they are the only proper debater in the room no matter what. The fact that you managed to be known for being an extraordinarily argumentative person on an MMO’s forum, and EVE’s forum at that, is honestly impressive.

Saying I don’t level criticism is a load of horse crap. You are the only one here that is 100% unwilling to budge on your opinion and accept that parts of your arguments are invalid. I am constantly listening to what people have to say and responding to them. And last I checked, in that Discord server we left off on a good foot and agreed that it just needs to be carefully managed, but here you are spewing your tirade again about how everyone using this should be banned.

Just as an example, people were freaking out because I said I might replicate NEAR2 myself. I decided that would be horribly unfair like NEAR2 itself is, and decided that I would never implement it nor would I allow any official plugin to do so. I’ve spent hours discussing this program with various community leaders and CCP employees to ensure it doesn’t violate the EULA and never will.

So, no, I’m not some random nullibear who has 2000 other nullibears behind me saying it’s great and could care less how it affects anyone else. The highsec miners love it. The russian wormholers love it. The jita traders love it. The lowsec FW people love it. Matter of fact, the nullsec groups are using it the least out of anyone due to how opsec they can be. This is actually probably the first time a third party tool DIDN’T benefit one group of players more than the other, this benefits every single player equally because it’s useful for everyone.

You know how you know someone has lost an argument in EVE? They start calling you out for being part of a nullsec group. Go ahead and ask Horde how active I actually am in nullsec space - I literally do nothing but make tools for EVE and blow up a ship once in a while. Look at my killboard. I don’t rat. I buy PLEX every few months, blow up ■■■■ when my kid gives me the time to go on a fleet, and spend my hobby time working on EVE tools. I have zero real bias for any group or playstyle in this game.

There isn’t a single group of people this tool doesn’t benefit, and it only does so in ways that make the game nicer to play. It’s making it better for everyone, and it’s free, and it’s open source. There is zero barrier to entry to using this. It’s like saying CCP should ban better graphics cards since some players may not be able to afford them and it lets people be able to perform better in heavy fleet fights. The GPUs are available to make your gaming experience better, why can’t EveVision?

Not a single other person saw EveVision and went ‘ooh im really gonna get those ganks now’ or ‘oh man this’ll let us take over that sov space’. Not a single other person has seen this and thought ‘this is gonna negatively affect gameplay and hurt EVE’. If there is an unfair advantage, it’s so hilariously miniscule that it doesn’t matter. A person not using this will be at almost no disadvantage to someone who is. You are making a mountain out of a dustmite.

The only thing EveVision does that a normal always-on-top pinned browser cannot is let you still use your hotkeys while in a tool window. That may be unfair, and if it is decided to be so, I will remove that functionality.

The level of enjoyment and ‘ease’ you get out of EVE has been directly linked to what third party tools you use since 2004 when people were first scraping the public skill site, which is why the API was made in the first place. You use these high-level arguments so you can avoid the point, instead of realizing the basis of everything you stand on is meaningless. You aren’t against EveVision, you’re against third party tools in general, and you don’t even realize it.


lucas is a troll
im new to the forum and i wasted one day of my life arguing whit him
then it clicked

the Enrichment Center urges you to disregard lucas advice


since he’s already replying, I wanted to make one more point without editing. If we boil it all down to ‘unfair advantage’… the key piece of it all, the part of the EULA we’re interpreting. Let’s just ignore everything else we’ve debated on so far.

What makes something unfair? Is it the unavailability to all players? The fact that the game doesn’t come with it? Both of these things are true for better graphics cards and larger monitors, both of which give you a distinct, HUGE advantage in using the EVE UI, and both of which have SIGNIFICANTLY higher points of entry than EveVision does.

EveVision is a single, free, open source EXE you click and run. It doesn’t even need to be installed. It requires zero setup or configuration. I’m even porting it to linux and mac to ensure those players have access to it too.

There isn’t a single player in EVE that won’t be able to make use of this. So there is no unfair advantage, and even if there was, there are already existing things that have WAY larger advantages and are WAY less accessible.

If anything, EveVision is leveling the playing field, making it so you don’t need to buy an ultrawide or a second monitor to keep up with those that did, in a game where nearly all the interaction is done through graphical interfaces. It’s making things more fair.


Your point about it enabling people to bring multiple characters worth of data into a single screen, however, is a very valid one I had not previously considered. I can potentially make it so these third party sites can only ESI authorize the currently logged in character. I will talk to people and see what they think about that.


sound super great @Jaydubs
can you port this for mac?


yes, I’m working on the mac/linux port for the month of May.


:smiley: :smiley: yes

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95% of EveVision already works natively in Wine AND most of EveVision can already be compiled to Linux/Mac natively. There’s just a bug we haven’t figured out.


@Nicolai_Serkanner its pretty bad when i agree with everything you’ve said.
@Jaydubs i most likely will not use it, maybe maybe not, but good luck with it, if it is still within CCP parameters
Wall of text incoming from Kellboy

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Well there’s someone who evidently never heard of much less used Overwolf…which CCP itself recommended to it’s players when they removed the ingame browser…and it was pretty much the same thing as this evevision is now…so…you know…I’m gonna suspect this eveview is probably not a ban…

Petition it and please report back the result, @Lucas_Kell


i can hear it in my head so clearly


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I wanted to read something about how secure this tool is, but I cant find anything. Is nobody concerned about security when downloading stuff from internet, stuff where you can write your passwords in? :thinking: :female_detective:


recreational developer spends time and energy making something cool like we havent seen since ig browser/eve central days.

Instead of community giving an o7 and thanks this entitled lot starts picking it apart.


Apparently if you support this, you’re a dirty nullbear alt.

Because “muh EULA”

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