VR discussion

I know there are significant obstacles for including VR in the scope of EVE development. Yet I am enthralled by the productivity prospects of the visual real-estate. Just imagine a overview target window listing down a far as the eye can see.
Pick-up and and throw gesture weapon activation and minority-report-esq manipulation of Planetary Interaction and Industry. Why would a Capsuleer ever leave the immersion of such a pod?
I guess VR presents an problem for multi-boxers and I doubt it would be much of an issue for bots but with Valves commitment to VR, is preparing the ground for convergence out of the question?

Would VR do anything to actually help improve the game?

Like, cool, your overview lists ships “as far as the eye can see”. What good does that do? I guess it looks cool once a year when a giant fleet fight like that breaks out, but other than that, not much more.

Doing PI with “Minority Report”-esque hand gestures? Cool, I guess? But how many people will actively be using it? I set up PI in maybe 3 minutes or so, then barely touch it for over a month while I just run 3-4 day cycles and refresh. Again, I don’t think it’s worth the time for CCP to spend developing, testing, and implementing it.

I don’t see why CCP should waste their time adding VR capabilities to EVE Online.

Honestly, it would be boring. The it would be beautiful and it would give some jaw dropping views, but the gameplay would be horrible. The 1 sec server ticks makes manually flying terrible, and PI management is like watching paint dry. The only way it would shine is a VR Chat level walking in stations, but that has to exist first.

Just as well, VR is probably mind control tech anyway.

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