Vr Options

I know i seen this posted before but a Vr Option would be a Really great assest to add to the game,
along with opening another market for ccp to expand on since vr is coming a normal addition to players across the gaming community, CCP could keep its current state and just add the options of Vr support for players wanting to expand on a more realistic gameplay, since this has been done with eve Valkyrie, it shouldn’t be that hard to pass the software to Eve Servers and add in the correct data to allow for Eve Online to be Vr Compatible,

the Benefits to Vr gameplay:

  1. Being able to Control ships more freely allowing for more in-depth pvp fights and other ops, such as mining mission running and worm hole exploring.
  2. add in a avatar option to allow players more in-depth customizations, { ccp could offer item packs etc for pay based content } { assist returns }
  3. Vr Only options of Item and ship constructions allowing the player a more realistic view and goal of completion
    • Ship Construction: allowing the player to put the pieces of the ship together, - { ccp could keep current research phases and times along with current building speeds and times, } just allow players to physically put the ship together,
    • item Construction: Allowing players the same Options as ship building but add in the options to allow Vr only players to move and take apart the item, { Allowing the player a more in-depth experience of item creation, { could later build on this to allow players to interchange parts and have completely different builds and items, } { Same option to Ships, Being able to Interchange parts to allow more customized builds, } { Again CCP Could offer packs etc for assist return }
  4. Allowing Vr Players to walk around ships and owned structures, Allowing for more in-depth gameplay,
  5. NPC’s Would be in a 3d mesh to allow proper gameplay and experience instead of a 2d static mesh

The Vr Option opens up a whole new world of gameplay for players and im sure CCP would benefit from adding these option and more to the Eve experience, and if done correctly i bet alot more players would return and new players would join

Do you have any idea how long that would take them to make and even get it to work

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Never going to happen, especially the building and modifying your own ship thing as it could never be balanced. The walking in stations thing comes up every year. It’s simply never going to happen.

You can’t walk around your ship. You are sealed inside a pod…

And if you could walk around in your ship, you should lose 90% of the ship’s capabilities because you are not directly controlling it any longer.

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apparently you’ve never played valkryie

yes as a program dev myself i do realize this fact, but as i stated they would get them returns back if done correnctly

and i have, the software is what i was talking about, you have to realize when valkryie came out Vr was just starting to come public, so all that would be needed from that software is the base code then build off of it, fix the bugs etc and allowing the proper changes and balances needed, and im not saying being able to do a full break down and build but having the option on ships and parts to be able to interact with them in a more of a scale and enverament that you would find in this kind of game if brought to modern terms of gameplay and 3d physics and interactions instead of a two d mesh system

with that you wouldnt really lose them capablilites due to the other changes that would be inplace, you got to realize that if this was done a system would have to be inplace to allow the proper changes and interactions, yes your in a sealed pod etc, but that doesnt mean you cant move around our interact with your ship more then what you are currently, im not saying being able to fully walk around as if in real life, yes that would be nice but at the same time it dont really follow eves storyline, tho in a way the { Pilots } are able to walk etc due to interactions with npcs etc you wouldnt think that your just floating there in a pod infront of them

I think it’s a great idea in theory, but I don’t quite believe that the VR target demographic and the EVE demographic overlap much. It would be way too much coding, integration, and troubleshooting/balancing, with people complaining in a firestorm, as always. Overall, I think it would generate returns, but they would not even come close to the development costs.

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