VR support? Can it be done?

I know it is a lot to ask, probably. But with VR market on the rise, and EVE being so lightwight and getting a lot of visual upgrades lately it does not seem unreasonable to ask…

How about VR maybe.

Well, not exactly tailored to VR experince as to cabin and stuff, and i wouldn’t even expect EVE running standalone on Oculus hardware (which in itself still looks like a neat idea and a possible new market for EVE).

But probably.
In theory.
A first-person viewport with a flat floaty copy of existing UI with SteamVR support isn’t that much of a thing to ask?
Does it seem like a good idea or literally nobody would be invested in such a prospect?

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I don’t think the problem is so much making EVE 3D or to run on VR headsets. The problem is the controls. The controls could be made “functional” by using either VR controllers or a mouse, but AFAIK to play this game decently you need to be able to use a physical keyboard.

Augmented reality could be the solution to that, where you set the top and middle portion of your FOV for the EVE environment, and the bottom portion for the real world. But the trouble with that is I don’t think VR device makers have yet copped on to how much augmented reality is a complete game changer. Well, its either that or they are strongly aware of people’s privacy concerns. I myself have a VIVE Elite Pro and every single camera is covered with tape. I probably could do augmented reality but I never will over an internet connection. I stick with the base stations.

Maybe not as a capsuleer, but i currently have a personal theory that all the changes happening in the game. From structure cores, super changes, the new jita station and even the new industry releases are all working towards the ultimate intergration of Mercenary players again, the idea being that it will be cross reality gaming, intergrated into the eve online single shard universe. you can play on a normal console, or you’ll have the option to immerse yourself in VR.

Based on how eve works I highly doubt it could be upgrades to VR but with the right tie in, it could totally have an intergrated FPS game which had optional VR support, which would be so friggin cool.

I personally believe we’ll see the intergration come to fruition by 2025. since black dessert (i think that is the name of the company which took over CCP) there has been constant and consistant changes to the game and unique changes which have recieve overall good response and feed back from the community.

one universe one war
your war your way

maybe i’m just a doe eye’d dreamer, but CCP and EVE Online has done a lot from cross reality and cross platform play, with orbitabl strikes in real time.
if anyone can do it they can.

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