Ps4 support for Eve Online (future)

Hi all,

I thought I would bring you a new concept for Eve Online and see what you all think. The concept is bringing eve online to ps4. Now you may think “how are you going to play the game when it’s mainly played with keyboard and mouse?” well ps4 has support for keyboard and mouse, and the ps4 controller has a touch pad and a gyroscope built in. And with the bot high processing power of the ps4 and ps4 pro, I think there may be a chance to make it a reality. And an idea seeming ps4 has vr support, for those with psvr and want an experience in eve online, why not add first person immersion only seen when the psvr headset is connected? When the headset is raised, it makes it so you can choose warp and everything, and when you have the headset on, you get a feel of how it really is in the world of eve online. Idk, I may be just saying things, but I think it is a great idea for the eve online world to come to ps4. And with the new game featuring the code word legion, I think it’s a great opportunity to take advantage of the idea and make it work. Sure there is a few years of work in the making for it, but it would work out in the long run. Instead of always being tied down on pc, Mac, and Linux, I think it is great to see eve online come to ps4.

I think it’s a great idea and it should be supported just enough to make it work.

Advent thellere

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Regardless of it it is a good idea or not, the sheer monetary cost and time spent in development means this will never happen.


No. Contards can stick to contard games.

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What you’re suggesting doesn’t really work with the gameplay of Eve. They’d need to do a massive amount of UI work to get Eve to work with a controller, and that’s without taking into account the work required to get Eve working on a PS4 at all in the first place.

On top of that your main selling point here seems to be VR, which PCs already support, but again there’s no real synergy between that an Eve here.

Eve has had a “first person” pilot view for a while now, and it’s basically useless except for a few niche cases like aiming bombs or bumping.

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Doesn’t this eventually become a waste of time when the ps4 becomes obsolete?


The Eve client is a Windows application. It runs under Wine on the Mac and Linux. I suspect the upcoming move to 64 bit will require Wine 2.0

If you can get Wine 2.0 running on your PS4 you can probably get the Linux client for Eve running. I wouldn’t expect too much interest from CCP - PS4 has been on the market since 2013 and will probably be replaced with a PS5 within the next year or so. Too close to end of life to justify a major development effort and not the type of game most console players tend to be interested in.

Let’s see:

  • first Sony takes over the PS4 version’s development control (including PS4 exclusives), cross-platform play will never be available
  • then Sony will buy the rest of the souls of CCP - those who aren’t involved in Sparc or Valkyrie (the latter one is surprisingly not a PS exclusive)
  • soon after that, EVE will become a PS4 exclusive because it’s not worth making a game that doesn’t force you to buy a console that is probably already weaker than your PC
  • when Sony releases the next PS version, they either release EVE2 which resets everything and/or simply stop updating the game
  • the game effectively gets killed by Sony, long before it would reach the end of it’s life on PC

I think it’s a quite bad idea to try to make this a PS game.

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Except that’s not how it works at all, or there would be no mmos on PS4/Xboned.

Yes, but those were designed for consoles. I honestly doubt that console gamers would attach a keyboard and mouse to their consoles to play a game that was designed to be played on PC. And if Sony gets the game converted to be played on PS, they most likely will try remove the version that is only playable by using keyboard and mouse.
Sony, EA, Sega, Microsoft… they don’t care about games or gamers, only about profit that they don’t have to share.


Sony is no longer in the mmo business, they wouldn’t want to own the game. Their schtick is almost purely hardware now, outside of the few Sony Interactive singleplayer games they still put out. Oh, by the way, why haven’t the kb/m versions of DCUO, FFXIV, and ESO disappeared yet ( FFXIV and ESO designed for PC first and converted to console later, by the way)? Should probably tell those using kb/m in those games on PS4/Xboned they’re doing it wrong, too. Since, you now, KB/M’s have existed for consoles since the PS2. And my god, who’s buying all those chatpads that mount to PS4/Xboned controllers?

But think of the children! And how many of them console kiddies will flood Tama in droves for the cheapest mining lasers in the region.

One person managed to get steam running on ps4, so they could have tried Eve… but from what I saw they just had steam, not sure if it could run games.

Even if it were possible and the market out weighing the loss, there is still the issue of “it’s sony”. They don’t even like the fact that Minecraft is trying to connect system (better together update). They don’t seem to like big change, and eve is a big change (to them)

well the reason i thought about it is because think about back when ps3 was still used. it actually is still supported for other online games. although the recent takedown of Dust: 514 happened, there are still many games that are still supported online. although we still have the worrying of whether they will discontinue the ps4 within the years, it will still be supported my most games. and when the PS4 Pro came out, that was when Xbox One X (Project Scorpio) was announced as well. i get that the playstation 4 cannot handle .EXE files and all, but if you look back at other games that utilize a launcher, such as Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, that game utilizes a launcher/login screen. that reason is for updating the game files itself. the usual update for PS4 within the game is just the launcher update. the reason i made this thread was to bring it up for the possibility of at least seeing about whether it will be in the works and supported for a while. as the world of EVE Online grows, so does everything else. i only thought of the idea because those who cannot afford to make monster gaming rigs and have very crappy computers, but have a PS4 (im pretty sure the Xbox One series consoles have no support for keyboard and mouse) will be able to play the game as the processing power of a PS4 or PS4 Pro can handle most of it. besides, with the upcoming release of Eve Online: Project Legion (Dust: 514 Reborn as i like to call it), it can be trial and error. bringing back the issue with support of consoles, ps3 is still accessible on PSN, along with the still fairly new by 3-4 years PS4. and because PS4 Pro came out back in 2016, Sony has already worked on a newer model for the Playstation Series gaming consoles. the PS5 is still not in the works for another 2-4 years seeming it took Sony 4 years to decide on PS4 Pro to beat Xbox One X when that console was announced. i get that the thought of it was probably sent wrong, but i at least wanted to hear feedback on this topic. it was worth a shot trying to make EVE Online work on PS4. i get back when it first released it was released for Windows and all. but because of the slight possibility of it working out in the long run on more consoles, it wouldnt necessarily matter on having PSN. Only a Wi-Fi connection. does a Playstation HAVE to have a PSN connection? i mean, when all other games released for ps4 that are online, only some require the PS Plus subscription. many games such as WarFrame or PlanetSide 2 dont necessarily require you to have a PS Plus subscription. WarFrame im pretty sure is Cross-Compatible with PS4 and PC because WarFrame was originally released for PC but soon put themselves in development for Next-Gen Consoles. in this case, i am pretty sure PS4 got the Cross-Compatibility. if it is released for Xbox One, it probably is cross compatible as well, but there still yet is no game that is just xbox and ps cross-compatible because they are both major gaming series consoles. microsoft has been trying to get sony to agree to do cross-compatibility with some games. but denied that chance. but seeing EVE Online, it got me thinking because some people just have business computers and stuff, or cheap Walmart computers that dont last long, have minimal memory, or just cant meet the minimum requirements for the game. thats when the PS4 comes into play. because it has built in graphics, a goog GPU and CPU, and 12GB of DDR4 (PS4 Pro 12GB DDR5), it can most definitely handle the game. but again, the console support. from PS4 up to whenever CCP chooses to end support, at least when they choose to do this, they can start with 3 Next-Gen consoles starting with PS4 to support them. then go one by one after a few years to work on newer console support. that is what my thoughts were at the very least. i think it is possible, but others dont think it is because CCP devoted the game to only be for and solely for Windows. i get i can run Linux and Wine on my PS4, but i am not risking a JTag and Messing it up on my PS4. i would rather keep it stock and not ruin the console. Lol. at least you all gave me some thought on this though, i appreciate it. i only thought about it as i personally have computers i bought from walmart that can barely even run EVE Online (Intel Processor and Intel Graphics, even when optimized in game for performance). and it would be possible for the most part for PS4 To Handle the game itself. surely CCP has their hands full with Project Legion, but while that game is in development for the next few months or the next year, it wouldnt hurt to at least TRY to see if they can make it work. and if it does, and it works out after hours of gameplay by the developers working in CCP Themselves, they might be able to make use of the PS4, PS4 Pro, and soon the PS5 (or whatever they are gonna call the next Playstation).

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The worst idea was to launch dust514 for consoles. That’s the main reason why it died.
Keep consoles for silly arcade games.


Dust was launched for an end-of-life console. Had a more portable engine existed and been used, they could have just done minor modifications to make it work for the current generation (or the PC) instead of killing it.

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i’m actually quite surprised that this didn’t dissolve into a flame war over platform (mostly)

That is the point! Why should somebody anchor to a consoles that are limited in power and time? You can always upgrade PC without any issues. For example - just to change graphic card etc.
and to play shooters on a controller? I wanna vomit. But it is up to each one. Matter of taste.
Still, I think that consoles are more limited and primitive. Just look at games that where created for consoles and then ported to a PC.
Most of it are arcade games.

P.S. problem of dust514 was that it wasn’t connected to eve at all. I did not give a ■■■■ about infantries who stayed in system with me because they did not have any influence or even an effect of New Eden. I could easily imagine that they do not exist.
And as an independence first-person shooter CCP can not compete with other devs who are making shooter for decades, like COD, TITAN FALL, CS, OVERWATCH etc. All different.
If CCP doing something new it should be a part of eve, part of one subscription. So then they can get more players.

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Actually, if they made it on the standards of UWP it could technically run on xbox one… and phones if they didn’t lock it. There ae also some… “tricks” that have allowed ps4 users to run steam, another technicality that could allow someone to run eve, might have been patched out by now though.

This feature seems needed again

this makes zero sense. windows, mac and linux make up the vast majority of all consumer machines. calling that “tied down”, compared to a platform with a comparatively tiny base made up mostly of fanboys is just silly.