Eve online for next gen console ps5?

Hey there
Haven’t played for a long time and just wanted to know if there is any eve development for the new next gen hardware?
There was always an issue with the physics engines which in former consoles where very weak and which are npwadays with the new zen cpus not the case anymore.

The iOS depolyment is nothing for me as a have developed my char in the eve universe and don’t want to restart in a parallel one which is not connected to the old .

Would love to hear from a ps5 eve online client :grinning:

I first want to hear of someone on PC playing EVE with the dualshock controller… doing more than mining lol

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Well you can add a mouse to a ps4 System so why not to a ps5 System

I mean I have been playing eve on my phone since the galaxy 5 so it can’t be that hard. That said we have seen what happens when CCP tries to split resources to the consoles and its not pretty.

Because the PS (Piece of ■■■■) platform worked so well for Dust 514.

Not just no…


Salt I am not talking of a new game like Dust which I also tried and which was a piece of ****
I am just talking of a client for the eve online world where people that developed in their life and can’t find a way to play on the pc anymore e.g due to kids that arrived and no more room for a youth gaming pc and just want to sit in their living room and play eve on the tv - nothing more . I don’t want a new game just a 1:1! Client for the eve online world.
And i am also not talking of playing for a year and this short term ■■■■ . I played eve for 10 years !

… how can you have room for a ps4 but not a PC… there are PCs that are more powerful, cheaper, and smaller.

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I don’t want to go to much into details . Was just thinking since CCP always and most of the other developers said that the bottleneck was always the cpus if their is a lightly chance that eve (the real eve) maybe get a client for consoles like the PS5 .Don’t know what everybody is scared of if they disable the client in the PS System well then you have a 50000 players less and then? Nothing cause you are back where you are now.

Sorry for asking the question

because that kinda port is a lot more work than just flipping a switch

Ummm… I think there is a misunderstanding on how EVE works at a fundamental level.

The “CPU issue” you reference is due to every action in a game being timestamped (or at the very least queued up in a certain, time-sensitive, order). This problem cannot exactly be resolved through multi-core CPUs / “multithreading” due to the time-sensitive nature of the information.
This is the “bottleneck” that people are referring to.

Example: When a lot of people pile into the same area and start performing lots of actions, the server CPU managing that particular area gets bogged down because it has to process each action in the order that it receives it.

Regarding the rest of your post:

  • Creating a version of the client for a different platform is resource intensive task. Everything would have to be coded a certain way such that it would work on a PlayStation. And there would have to be a dedicated team of DEVs specific to that particular client. And we are talking about company that has problems maintaining a client for iOS users.
  • There have never been any wipes of the server. EVE has never been “restarted.” All EVE players are on the same “shard” (except for the Chinese, but there are legal reasons for that).
    You are playing in virtually the same star cluster that other players have been frollicking around in in for 10+ years.
  • There have been hardware upgrades over the years (I believe the servers are currently a decommissioned military supercomputer right now).
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PS3 is not the PS4 obviously.
Dust514 was made in modified UE3… While UE4 had all of the modified features they were working already implemented.

They had MUCH bigger issues than hardware to look at when dust shut down. The fact they got all they got out of that ■■■■ build of UE3 is quite amazing TBH. Props to that Shanghai team for getting a super old engine connect directly with EVE code.

And sure they have it being made for Phones so it could be possible but PC / Mobile will always be around and console cycles suck. So them staying away from consoles is fine with me, I made the move to PC for project nova. I’m just hoping it has some meaning behind it other than “something to do while docked before fleets form”

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