Console Versions for Eve Online

This topic probably comes up every few months.

But as consoles have improved, is there any possibility of the creation of a console client for Eve?

Being able to cross platform play on multiple devices would be a great new feature. (I personally would love to see it on the Switch)

Maybe EVE Echoes - but EVE Online is still so full of spaghetti code that it would be impossible to port until the game overhaul that has been ‘in progress’ for something like 10 years is actually finished.


  • I’m not sure that enough people would play on console to justify the development expense.
  • Console manufacturers take like a 30% cut, which would further reduce returns.
  • Console users probably couldn’t multibox (bad for them, bad for CCP).
  • Given Eve’s longevity, it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to invest in consoles, as they can’t be upgraded and their live services eventually get shut down.
  • Doing certain things would be kind of hard without a keyboard and mouse. Even simple things like just moving things between containers would be more difficult.
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No, consoles have not improved. They just caused one of the most anticipated games to fail spectactularly because they are still complete garbage and even the latest generation of consoles will be complete garbage again in 1 year because you cannot upgrade them like a PC.

It seems a bad fit given the UI, but who knows?

If they can get Eve to run in a browser, then I’m sure they could get it to run on a modern console. Maybe it would just work in a web browser on a modern console (if they have such things - I haven’t used a game console in a long time). The real question is would it be playable without plugging in a mouse and keyboard, and would anyone actually use a console client?

I’m guessing not really.

Fixed for accuracy.

Fun Fact: The motherboard, with CPU, of the XBOX series S can actually be bought. There’s samples out there. LinusTechTips showed one of them. He was even able to install Windows 10, but it wasn’t necessarily a good experience.

Same could be done for the other x86 based consoles …
… assuming they’re not locked down hard enough.

So with that out of the way …

This game does not work well without keyboard.

Controllers already are a significant disadvantage …
… and for EVE specifically it’s even worse.

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