Pls do this

Now this idea at first may seem stupid but it’s really not heres why.

  1. Compotation. You really wouldn’t have any compotation. Many of yours are on pc an there is only 2 that could be a problem. No mans sky and starfield yet out of those eve is the only free one.
  2. Compatibility. Xbox runs off a modified Windows and for all those naw sayers about controller. YOU CAN CONNECT A KEYBOARD. Plus, I know that Xbox allows pc severs on its system so no need to make a second sever. Though they would have to add controller keybinds.
  3. Cons. I have to add this as well. It might take you a month of development time to get this working and you might have to pay more to keep it single sever.


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@Brisc_Rubal I will fight for this

Can you please spell check this? Also, what do you mean by this?

No, we are not going to have console EVE online. That would be a nightmare. Consoles are vastly inferior to PCs and this game eats up resources as you multibox.

You do not know how long developing EVE takes. ONLY CCP knows.

Also can you please add a better title? And try a little more when making a forum post. Thanks.



The act of making compote.


First off eve is the game that can run on potato’s. Second you just wouldn’t be able to multibox


Maybe not everyone wants to be on potato mode and appreciates the graphics of the game? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

HUH?? That’s how CCP makes their money!?! Literally, they need us to multibox to keep the game afloat.

First off you could probably run eve on almost all high settings on an xbox one and second you can multibox but its much harder to do. And last but not least ccps parent companys on xbox

You never answered THE BOMBSHELL STATEMENT you made that people won’t be able to multibox 5/10/15/20+ accounts!

I believe ALOT of multiboxers don’t want to trade graphics for more accounts.

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