Will Eve ever go on console

I know it’s probably been asked before, but why don’t they launch EVE on consoles? They must be powerful enough now and there is a huge market to tap into.

Let’s just hope never :roll_eyes:


Explain your answer sir. Or are you just part of the PC master race. Why can’t we all unite? Console, PC etc, let’s all play together as one big happy family :grinning:

I think CCP is waiting for PS5 to be announced to release Project Legion on PS4 or Gameboy Color.


There can only be one response to such foul heresy:



I’m all for it. I would so love to see the whines of utter despair when CCP does one of their regular cock ups and a PS4/XBONE EvE patch wipes the console system completely.


I can’t ever see EVE’s interface and control scheme ever working on console. To drag playing this game down to a controller’s layout you would have to remove so many game elements that I think you’d be better off just doing Valkyrie on consoles.

Think about it, it’s for the same valid reasons you don’t see Total War on consoles. The game is not built for such a limited amount of buttons and most importantly, a mouse to navigate the interface.


True, but I thought if I were the developers of Eve, I would design a keyboard suitable for EVE to be played on consoles. It can’t be that hard. There are lots of third party accessories, why not an EVE keyboard/controller. I would like to see EVE expand and it just seems like it never grows in numbers. I’ve been playing on and off for 8 years and the numbers of players hasn’t seemed to increase. It just seems to tick over with the same numbers of players. I suppose they are making enough money to keep producing the high quality of EVE.

Why though? You’re right, they could waste time developing a port and. A device to halfway turn your console into a PC, or you could just play on PC and waste no money whatsoever


Fact…PC games have always been better than console games.

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If you were a software developer, you would NOT want to branch out into manufacturing peripherals, it’s a completely different field.

Otherwise, from PC we log in directly to the EVE servers. CCP controls the login process and what the software does. For consoles, CCP would have to make agreements with Microsoft, Sony, etc., and obey their rules for data transmissions and what the software can do. For Microsoft, for example, you log into the Xbox account, and CCP would have to accept Xbox accounts / link them to your EVE accounts. They lose control when they do that; for example you could exploit and they couldn’t ban you because Microsoft says that all accounts must have access once they’ve paid.

So, as you can see, there are reasons. The game has been around for 10+ years, all these ideas that you’re thinking of right now, they probably considered 8 years ago. With a 10 year old game, if it’s not implemented by now, it means they have their reasons for not implementing it.


In the words of CCP Foxfour, “■■■■ Consoles!”


The EVE UI is too complex to operate with a gamepad.

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Problem number 1 is that most console gamers tend to gravitate towards the gamepad. Now you look at the Eve Online UI. Then you tell me you can actually navigate this game with a gamepad.

When you design a game for a console, you cannot target a very specific niche in the console market. That is why despite being a RTS, Halo Wars is designed with a more simplified control scheme and cleverer-than-average AI to cut down the number of microing that is undoable on a gamepad. That is why despite being a shooter, COD and Gears of War had to cut down the need to run all over the arena like a killer rabbit on crack and the need for health and armour pickups (instead of making a console version of Quake Arena).

Do you want to make Eve Online for the consoles? Well, then you will have to simplify much of the UI and cut off much of the very-spreadsheet-like parts of the game (like market, for example) to accommodate the gamepad. So no. If there’s going to be a console-version of Eve Online, it will be a very, very different game from the Eve Online that we are playing today.

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We can put a man on the moon :new_moon: but can’t put EVE on a console. Makes sense that. It is just clear to me that this style of game is lacking from console and I think it would do well.

Oh well, thanks for clearing that up for me with your answers, it is clear that this style of game will have to wait many more years ( if ever ) before making it to the living room.

Get a PC for your living room and it could happen in days.

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Steam Link, a lap table and M/KB. Or just connect the PC straight to the TV.


Why would they need to design a keyboard, consoles have USB ports and they can support standard keyboards, the PS1 had its own mouse so its entirely possible that the consoles themselves already “support” such input devices at a basic level

That being said its extremely unlikely as EVE’s engine isn’t written to run on anything other than windows natively, its possible they could port it to UWP which might make it barely playable on a xboner but its really not worth the effort, console users aren’t really going to want to pay for online access and then have to pay a monthly subscription

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Yeah, what are they doing with the Moon now? Been abandoned for decades, nobody talks about developing it past the initial tourism they did with the one mission / “man.” Go suggest to NASA that they pick it back up and go there again, see how that goes.

EVE can’t be ported to consoles without heavy modifications. We don’t want the heavy modifications; every game that’s been consolized has met with poor reviews from the PC crowd.

imagine having to recode eve for every new console that comes out. they have enough problems coding eve for pc with their masterfails. currently in 30 mins ive burned through 500mb of data on my phone reloading resources that the new launcher dumped from the game and its climbing fast.

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