Eve needs an XCom or Mechwarrior-style mini-game, not an FPS side game

Eve players are way more likely to be XCom players or Mechwarrior players, not FPS game players. I think this was part of the reason why Dust failed. Same as how there’s a lot of roguelike players so the hacking mini game worked out!

Just imagine, planet fights or special operative types of things done with an XCom-style game that you can spend ISK on. It’d be awesome if you like XCom.

Dust failed because it was only for PS3 and was released near the end of the PS3’s life cycle.

EVE players come from all types of gaming backgrounds. I personally have over 4,000 hours in Call Of Duty: Black Ops…


Another problem Dust had was that it was a cod clone. Sure, it had the novelty of orbital bombardment strikes from EVE players, but that’s not really enough to differentiate it from a genre as competitive as the fps shooter genre is. Cod and battlefield are already very well known, so when people go to pick up a title, you’re fighting an uphill battle. The more similar you make your game to something that’s already out there, the more difficulties you’ll have getting people to play it.

An EVE fps needs to lean hard into the mmo aspects of the game. So… more destiny… less cod.

Imo, what CCP should really do… is do a mix of a shooter and an rts. Have ai generals that control a battle space (within empire fw space) with rts controls so you end up with a living ,breathing battlefield, and then let the players spawn in the bases those ai generals create.

Once all that is ironed out and works well… release the rts feature to the players so they can use it in their null sec wars.

Why do this? Games that are pure pvp will have at least half your player base with a negative kd ratio. Usually it’s more than that due to some people being very dominant… and the people who are utter trash, will have a terrible kd ratio.

Eventually people at the bottom will bleed out and stop playing giving rise to a new bottom rung. So unless the game is able to constantly bring in new players (marketing $) at a substantial rate, the game will eventually die.

What can be done to stem this tide, is to have compelling pve as an essential component to the game. The developers can cheat by having ai generals direct npcs to various sites all over the battle field.

Of course, these npcs don’t need to look like players either. EVE has the lore of drones being prevalent in the universe, so use them as npcs. This way even the most trash of players can feel amazing when they take down the npc hordes and contribute to their faction’s goals in some way.

Games are meant to be fun, and to be fun, game developers need to facilitate the player’s ability to feel successful in their goals. Not all goals will be within reach for every person… but some will be if the game is developed properly.

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There was a game, Savage I think, which did what you’re talking about. It was pretty cool. I think that a stronger mixing of the two games besides the whole orbital strike thing might make sense.

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It does not need any of that. It needs more EVE gameplay :smiley:

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There’s not much more than can be done in space that isn’t already being done (using the current mechanics.) Expanding the game to include the planets (and other game genres) is a natural step to take in bringing more people into the universe.


LOL there is a ton of stuff that can be added to space.

It’s like ya’ll don’t even play other MMOs. There are a ton of ideas CCP could implement that’s be done in other games.

If you want what the OP is saying, just play NMS kthx.

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like what? instanced dungeons and raids? no thank you.

LOL no.

There is a ton of open world stuff they can use to ramp up PvEvP.

There is a ton that can be done in space. We don’t need X-com or Mechwarrior. And this is coming from someone who loves both those genres too.

We need more EVE stuff. You want the other stuff? Play those games :smiley:

OP is using those games as a reference to the game play style… not the IP of those universes. In other words, some sort of turn based game.

For the record… I’m more or less against that as well, since what I want is a real time addition to make planetary and station gameplay a reality. (with a crossover for fps of course.)

My entire earlier point is the devs will get more mileage out of a planetary addition to the game play than just adding more stuff in space. I’m not saying they shouldn’t keep doing it, but there’s only so much they can do before they hit the ceiling.

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Anything planet bound will take away from the main game and add literally nothing.

There are tons of space focused thing they could do and should do to stimulate people being undocked and in space and subject to emergent gameplay.

You keep saying that but never give any examples.

False. That’s like saying wormholes took away from the main game and added “literally nothing.” Is your imagination so small that you can’t think of anything cool that could happen on planets to positively affect the rest of the game?

Here’s one: how about sov mechanics that are actually fun? Something that requires people to actually play, rather than just structure bash for hours on end.

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-Limited time open world big spawns across all secs of space, shouted out which will promote player interaction that drops special loot
-Giving different weekly bonuses to certain regions of space/activities that will promote people moving there or doing activities
-Increasing the yields in low to promote player interaction there besides FW
-Allowing FW to actually matter and you can capture/control regions of space to give bonuses to that race
-Caravan type escort missions where players have to escort an NPC hauler and protect it from NPCs on a route. Would Take 8-10 players flying a mix of combat/logi ships with a need for at least one hacking ship since they’d have to hack an accel gate to jump. Would go thru low or high or both, would also need to watch for player interaction. NPC hauler would be immune to players, but the players are not immune :smiley:

Dude there are so many things. My imagination isn’t the problem LOL.

LOL this makes no sense. WHs added activity you can do in space.

Planetside, just like WiS is a waste of time. EVE isn’t that type of game.

Again, if you want that simply play NMS. It has all of that.

Most of your ideas seems to come down to event type things. It’s not that there can’t be things to add to what already exists, but the room available for addition isn’t as much as on planets.

This is silly. Your only criticism amounts to the theming of the location. What’s the difference if your space ship is out in a wormhole or hovering over a city?

And WiS isn’t a waste of time as long as gameplay can be added to it. People criticized what was done before because it was effectively useless.

As for eve “not being that type of game”… eve is constantly changing… for 20 years it has. So this isn’t a worthwhile argument. And even if it was… you’re still wrong.

CCP has made a planet side shooter before under the name dust514 … and they’re working on another one. The current controls for our ships are not that dissimilar to rts controls (Q click will allow you to position your ship in an rts manner) so adding some additional units to play around ground side really wouldn’t be a big deal.

Besides… planets are in space. So technically, anything going on planet side, is in space. :stuck_out_tongue:

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LOL and it’s stuff that gets people out into space.

I get why you’re trynna die on this hill instead of admitting you’re wrong LOL.

Not really. The amount of time and resources would be a waste to doing anything WiS or planet side related.

The funny thing is, you know it too.

Why waste time on something that people showed little interest in, even when they had a version of it?

EVE should be good at what EVE is good at.

Ah yes, when you only got semantics left :smiley:

Bro if you want all this, play NMS. It’s that simple. I get you can’t handle EVE and dying and therefore wanna change it into something else.

Of course it was. Because it added nothing to the game LOL.

Agree, but not because of the theme, but because all the features it had were available in other parts of the game.

You’re projecting.

What are you smoking? Dust was hampered by the fact it was on a dead console, and being a cod clone, it had to work hard to get the attention of players in a crowded genre. If dust had been released on pc, the servers would still be going strong.

What is EVE good at? Imo, the place where EVE is better than any other game is the market… but you wont see anyone say we should get rid of everything else and turn even into a market trading simulator.

Because I’m not wrong. Eve is more than just tin cans plinking at each other in an empty black void.

I don’t even know what that is.

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EVE is far from the first MMO to do the market how it does LOL.

LOL. So all the things you’re crying about and want to do, there is already a game for it and you don’t even know what it is?

Classic :smiley:

In your opinion :smiley:

Or maybe people simply didn’t enjoy that facet of EVE like play :smiley:

Not really bruv :smiley:

Exactly. We don’t need things to keep us docked. We need things to get us out into space and generate emergent gameplay.

If you wanna play space sim house decorator, again, just play NMS :smiley:

Ok, now you’re just activating troll mode. almost every place you make a claim, you’re not backing it up with anything substantial.

for example:

Citation needed. Which game took the New York Stock Exchange and tossed it into a video game?

If all you’re going to do is sling insults and not answer the implied question, you’re not really adding anything constructive to the community.

Generating emergent gameplay is the key point. Game play doesn’t need to be in space specifically to be emergent.

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I would have loved to try and play Dust, if it were available on PC.

I’ve spent quite some time in a game that has this mix of FPS + RTS in a WW2 setting: Heroes and Generals. It’s a pretty good concept, but in case of Dust I think it would be simpler to connect two types of gameplay (FPS + EVE) than it is to connect three (with RTS thrown into the mix).

I’d be fine with that too… but EVE really isn’t that far off from rts. The only thing really missing is control of multiple units… which fleet commanders do anyway.