Eve needs an XCom or Mechwarrior-style mini-game, not an FPS side game

LOL your citation is needed. New York Stock exchange? ROFL.

Plenty of other MMOs have done this. UO. SWG. Player made markets are nothing new LOL.

I mean EVE used to have IPO scams and those were genius.

Bruh it ain’t my fault you don’t know what NMS is. It been out for forever.

The OP literally just wants mechs in EVE because they added them to NMS :roll_eyes:

Cept we’ve seen how badly CCP implements WiS and such. Let’s stick to the core game :smiley:

What troll the truth?

ROFL yea it is.

Have you not played this game?


That’s a far cry from shouting about your wares in a trade square.

sure dude.

Sorry Gix, all this is just mechanics tweaking, not adding content.

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MTAC’s are a thing in EvE, look up the lore dumbass.

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LOL so a graph is your proof?


So many games got graphs bro. So many :smiley:

I know that’s all you got :smiley:

ROFL ok. “Mechanics tweaking”.

You realize the content emerges from players struggling to capture the goods right?

Hell, back in the day when the BPCs were worth more, all the rare spawns in low sec generated content. Now no one cares sadly cause all the production changes.

Uh huh. It’s ok bro. You need a hug?

We all know the OP just said Mechwarrior cause NMS and it was recently on sale for the Black Friday sale on Steam :smiley:

You’ll notice how the OP also hasn’t returned to the thread hm?

It’s merely a thread to dump on EVE but by suggesting terribad gameplay.

Hell, just play PS2 and pretend it’s all EVE based LOL.

We don’t need to add mini games or planet stuff.

We need more reasons to undock and blap each other.

You wanna decorate your station? Play NMS :smiley:

What do you expect? Wasting time with trolls such as yourself is hardly worthwhile.

See you may call him Darren, don’t mean he belong to Darren, savvy? :smiley:

You can say I’m a troll all you want. Yet I have contributed ideas to this thread, while all you’ve done is flame.

Interesting that eh?

Ya’ll say you want content but you mean farming in complete safety content to decorate your house. I want content that comes at the price of the hawk, like my boy Leto says yennoe?

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If you like both games, why wouldn’t you want to buy mechs with ISK and have them attack someone’s PI or something? Why does it have to 100% be in space?

Turn based and real-time don’t have to be exclusive. There’s plenty of games where you have X time to take your turn. These are usually called asynchronous games I think. Considering how stuff like reinforcement timers are basically impossible to perfectly balance, I think asynchronous play would work well with Eve because you wouldn’t have to worry about matching people’s time zones, or about people gaming the time zones.

Cause we playing EVE son.

If you want mechs, MW5 regularly goes on sale :smiley:

Has some good mods too.

But let’s be real, you aren’t a clansib nor have you ever shot at a Combine pilot :smiley:

I mean you basically want Robotech. Me too. I’d love a Robotech MMO :smiley:

Just not in EVE :smiley:

wait are we talking MW, Robotech…or Voltron here?


That was uh wildly left field ROFL.

And unsure how you got to those conclusions ROFL.

Oh I agree. I love T3Ds. In space :smiley:

We don’t need combiners. That would be logistically crazy hard to do.

I recommend one of the current gen Transformers games for you instead :smiley:

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iirc, the Shanghai studio is working on a 4x game. It wont be tied directly into Eve Online but I believe it will use the same IP.

EVE needs an in station potato farming simulator

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