FPS future and the epic fail of Dust 154

So I just did my Survey that CCP sent me. And I can ONLY assume with the line of questions that CCP is going to do DUST 154 2.0!
IF this is the case…PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF THE SERVER GODS!!! Do not make it console only!!
IF You are doing a DUST 154 2.0 fix the playable issues that it had…you know which ones.
BUILD on the things that did work!!! The idea was great…and I know a 20 year old PVP corporation that would love to have an FPS corporation like what was offered in DUST.
AND PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF THE SERVER GODS!!! DO NOT RELEASE IT UNLESS IT IS FLAWLESS!!! DO NOT DO PATCH AS WE GO!!! We as players of games have had enough of beta test to play like so many games are like now. It is a failed model…it wasn’t popular with Eve back in the day as it isn’t now! We are tired of the “SOON” Model…yes I remember the T-shirts. And like Fatshark and Dark Tide…when you fail at a product like they did at release…there is no turning back and you lose a major player base!! JUST DON’T RELEASE till it is 100% code complete please. The features work…and try to keep the wokeness to a dull roar…people are tired of this too. No one wants to be lectured in their entertainment. Another failed product came from 2 Eve Devs…Eternal Crusade by Nathan Richardsson who was the lead on Dust if I remember correctly. Hhmm 2 epic fails in a row from him.

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Yeah, I just completed that survey as well…

And I definitely agree with your post…

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:joy: For me, this survey ended after “Did you ever play Dust 514?” after I answered Yes. What kind of survey is that? :rofl:

I think that might be the end of it for everyone because my answer was no and it ended there for me too. :thinking:

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I just did the survey. it was the last question of like… 10? It did say it was going to be short.

I have heard some tidbits that the devs might be modeling it after destiny, which I hope is true. Destiny is a great game, it’s just low on content.

One of the issues with dust is it was a glorified cod clone, in a market saturated with quality fps arena titles. PVP games like that need a high population because you’re going to have a large turnover. Without that population, you end up with a situation where people who get dumpstered constantly quit, and then the the next rung up start to get dumpstered constantly creating a failure cascade.

You can deal with that by having compelling pve to keep your players interested.

The problem with dust, was that a player base exclusive to PC; were offered a game that was exclusive to PlayStation. CCP left wondering why the uptake was so low.

It’d be like creating an Android app store and releasing it for Mac OS.

Not to mentiom it was end of life for the ps3

I just wonder how those board meetings went. Did anyone at them ever raise their hand and ask “wouldn’t it make more sense if we made this for PC?”

I’ve read somewhere that CCP was afraid of dividing the existing playerbase so deliberately went console exclusive not to decrease their existing PC players. Not sure if true but sounds like something corporate people would come up with and if it is true it was a complete failure of a thought process.


Sure, that was an issue too. I do recall hilmar being asked if dust would be on pc repeatedly… I think he started getting annoyed by the question. :stuck_out_tongue:

On PC the popularity of the pvp portion of the new shooter will largely depend on if CCP can keep cheaters away. There’s some new AI anti cheat tech that might prove useful.

I hope they will open a section in the forums like the VAC section in Steam community where all the cheater post their Karen complaint tears threads for being banned for “no reason” and “unjustly”. It’s an endless supply of entertainment since countless years that never gets old.


My brother did it. Can i be unbanned?

@xXTivianXx I took teh survhay too.
Im not aloud to say more.

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You’re drunk. EVE will never be finished until the servers close. These types of games constantly update, and with those updates come bugs.

You wont understand because you “don’t like fps” but there are many who do. It’s an opportunity to expand the scope of what CCP has built and allow people who want a more visceral experience to enjoy the universe.

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I dont drink alcoholic baverages but yu wont beeleeve dat since I hav no zkill so yeah, Im a drunk wino bum.

Hav a nice life.


Thanks man. I appreciate that and you!

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I regularly check job openingfor CCP London to estimate what phase the development is in. Recently there was couple of assets and animation related positions and one is already taken. So I guess they are making models, rigging and animations.
From the job descriptions you can also guess what technologies and game design concepts are at play :slight_smile: There is talk of

prototype and implement procedural and semi-procedural solutions for world building

Could w expect theoretically big and various maps (planets, ships, stations/structures)?

So it must be past main game framework implementation then, don’t you think?
According to this article (Production milestones part) it could be at first playable/vertical slice :thinking:

Btw, I used the option to play D514 with mouse & keyboard so it kinda was on PC :smirk_cat:

That option caused some rage among pad only players as I recall :thinking:

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I love the idea of an Eve FPS… so much that I wrote three whole blog posts on it. What did I miss?

Shooting Up, Part One
Shooting Up, Part Two
Shooting Up, Part Three

Nice post. I hope this means we might be getting some info on it this fall at fanfest. That would put it in line for a Q4 release this year (right before the holidays) or Q1 release next year.

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