Taking chances

Giving everything that’s has transpired for CCP financially, you would think with all the money lost, the time and effort and manpower; at some point you just have to pick a horse and jump.
Now im not a CFO, I’ve never had millions of dollars on the line, but even I know you have to start doing something to revitalize your brand.

Dust 514 was, in my opinion, the greatest formula for a first person shooter ever made, bar none. With your background in World of Darkness table top campaign settings, it’s np wonder you guys were able to create a magnificent game; through the use of a skill tree, and Isk based system, it rewarded good players with an edge they could make their characters rise above the rest. With upgrades to precision and ammo capacity, logistics operators with their proto tools, heavies; wether they were Caldari, or Ammar: you had to specialize in that dropsuit to survive.
There is no reason why a second console game could not be put to work.
With all the indie games that are released weekly, that are free to play, you guys could, by Christmas, drop a game on console that could compete with any game developer. The depth of 514 gameplay alone kept a lot of us captivated for three years, having never had a storyline, or a campaign. Fortnite doesn’t have a real story line, Realm Royale doesn’t have a story at all.
Release re-release Dust 514 with all the modifications you made for project Nova. Keep it separate from Eve, just a Beta release to get started. In game aurum can bre spent like before on basic blueprints and camos. You start generating income.
Season 1 kicks off with your standard ambush, and domination. You had what you needed for a survival mode with the eve invasion. Don’t sit on your thumbs with only 4 levels of weapons. You release 3 new weapon phases for your weapon specialization, prototype, advanced prototype, and experimental. It took me nearly a year to reach level 5 specialization. But then you have magazines, ammo type, muzzle type, barrel type, iron, red dot, ACOG, scoped. There’s a ton of cosmetics that you can employ.
Destiny has raids, why not Dust. Send a squad to a moon to eradicate a nest of intergalactic cockroaches. You guys keep juggling your r&d money when you have a game of the year sitting in front of you. Just drop it, set your date for 10 weeks and release season two. Then three. There id no reason not to venture out.
Console wise, as much as I hate ro suggest a game platform I don’t yet own, I’d go with Google’s new console? coming out late this month. They with be all you need to grow. Just releasing it under GOOGLE is a marketing plus.
All this back and forth, time to look out over the depth of this financial canyon you’ve dug, take a breath, a little faith… and just go for it.

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Source for this?

But you’re gonna tell us how you would manage CCP’s finances anyway. I stopped here since nothing else matters.

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Last year, and And Falcon is gone now too.

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But what does that have to do with “everything that’s has transpired for CCP financially”?

Okay, so some people got laid off. Happens all the time.

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It’d be good to have it on PC too.

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Nah. I’d like to see CCP do something different instead of trying to bring back a bad game from the past.

The current CCP devs are caretakers, not innovative creators. The initial CCP was capable of making something funky (EVE) but they got replaced. Don’t think that because CCP once made EVE the current CCP can make something good as well.

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Focus on maintaining and improving EVE online.

CCP should have implemented DUST514 into Eve on the PC and have it accessed through ‘The Door’ in the Captains Quarters.

That would have increased Eve’s playerbase and after a while probably would have enticed some of those shooter type players into flying spaceships. CCP could have presented DUST514 as the WiS / Avatar Game content they had promised to deliver.

Anyway, +1 for the OP.

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That sounds kinda warthundery but with spaceboats and spess mehreens :stuck_out_tongue:

To be honest the only reason why I didn’t play dust is because it was console-only. I was waiting for rumoured legion (PC equivalent of dust) when dust got dusted. Which was kind of shame because from what I have heard/seen from friends whom did play it, Dust was good shooter. definitelly something I’d play.

Having dust integrated into eve client would be win-win on me if they managed to actually pull this off and not screw up.


Yeah, I received the Beta code for it and gave it to my Nephew who had a PS3 and watched him play it. Was very cool, definitely would have been a great addition to Eve.


Well, let’s see, they sold the rights to world of darkness: reason, to get money to maintain eve’s loss of player base. Source: CEO of CCP in documentary about the game world of darkness. That’s initially why they closed dust because they needed fresh material for eve, and couldn’t afford for developers to spend their time on other projects.
How to spend CCP’s money: you say forget eve for 2 months, draw all your resources into a game that will, and had a proven track record of micro transactions, to generate revenue to keep going. And honestly, I think all the games on Stadia will be available via steam.
Point of the matter is that their PC based player pool is tapped. They need to go to console to target a different pool of players. Besides, Eve’s been out for over a decade, other than a new generation of gamers, everyone else has tried and or played Eve. They need the fresh new players on console.

Financial canyon.


Well, as a merc, I felt I was pretty far up there in skill points that I didn’t need to buy aurum. Most people who play eve have been doing so for years, I don’t think there’s a necessity once you get high enough.
That, and when we played dust, we felt there was nothing wrong with the game, but when you look at whos playing on the 30th, compared to the weeks leading up to server shut down, you see there’s no activity. But, no worries though I guess, CCP is in the same boat as White Wolf, they’re a subsidiary. Maybe Korea knows more about improving its acquisitions as to cutting their throats. I mean there’s no polite way to put it but CCP squandered its assets.

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