Dust514 V2, Eve: Vanguard

Hello there~

DaNizzle from Dust here-

I wanted to say that Dust514’s concept was entirely accurate for the perfect SiFi experience. Unfortunately, the game was released on a dying console.

With all of the bugs, glitches, and toxicity on the forums; The game died hard before it could really take off. Even with the limitations, The community did come to believe in CCP’s vision. Personally, I was a 13 year old kid on the forums trolling. And yet;

The very same community that came to see the rise, were also the reason for the fall. This time around, I want this dream of Dust to come into fruition. This time; I want to help CCP achieve what they’ve set out to do. Make the perfect SiFi shooter~

It can be done, but only with support from launch. This game can be the greatest counterpart in New Eden’s history of FPS games. We just need to put our best foot forward<3

Have ideas of how to help CCP make the game successful? 514 Legion


You can say that again.

#PC Master Race.


If they released it on the current generation of consoles that wouldn’t hurt, either.


You just want attention

1st of all - make it possible to download. Cuz:



If that is how vanguard client looks on the NBN, server side is going to be diabolical…

how to start anything in this launcher it’s simple, it says that it started and there’s nothing further and the start button is active again

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Mine gets further. I get an splash screen and then an instant crash with zero debug or reason.

There’s no option to uninstall it either. Probably spyware for all I know.

501st Headstrong here,

Fully agree with you Nizzle. Let’s get after it. Add me on Favorites foooo!



<3 501st

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Hardly, You’re hilarious~

I was 23 back then. But I don’t expect anything from CCP. Whatever will be will be. But I do want Vanguard to be better than Dust 514! Let it smash Halo and Destiny 2! Just in my dreams.

Will playing this FPS be a fun alternative to shooting lazurz at rox for basic ores (same mining output of tier 1 barge for time invested)?

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