Will Eve ever go on console

Children don’t really like games like EvE so there would be little market.


Besides, tech to put men on the moon is not the same tech that codes Eve Online for the consoles. False equivalency here.

And finally, until there is tech to make landing on the moon and exploiting RL moon goo profitable, we aren’t seeing anyone walk on the moon for a while.

Just look at the console port of civilization, they had to strip 70% of the depth of the game to make it work.

Yeah the tech that runs EvE Online is a MASSIVE amount more powerful and complex than the terrible excuses for computers and software that put a man on the moon :dealwithitparrot:

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I highly doubt it. They lost a lot of their team recently and even before then they were strapped on man power (and woman power). Not to mention the upkeep would take a lot, since PS4 (from what I remember) has proprietary means to make games run while Xbox One and the like require the new Windows store platform thing, UWP. So that is 2 additional ways in which they’d have to program the game. And, they would need certification from both companies, and Sony is a **** about any game that tries to be cross platform, like Eve (since it would then play with Xbox, PC, etc). Not to mention that if they got the UWP version running it would theoretically allow two alpha instances at once (3 if you include WSL).

If you can get a jail broken console though, you can run steam, and by extension Eve, just don’t expect it to run great :wink:(or even Linux with the “Linux Launcher”)


Too much work, not enough people, and the platform owners might not be too happy about it

I do think consoles have a keyboard you can buy these days, or im wondering if it can recognise a USB keyboard? anyone tried this?

Surely Eve would work on Xbox, especially the new console with all its power. The home screen is very similar to a pc now anyway. I would love to be able to play eve on my Xbox, probably won’t happen and I just don’t understand why. For me it’s a no brainer , the game should be exposed to as many people as possible and by keeping it on one platform is very limiting.


We’ve seen CCP try and make a game on the PS3 (Dust514) … and fail
We’ve seen CCP try and make a game on VR (Eve Valkyrie)… and fail

Each time the failure have cost people their jobs.

And you want them to try and put the full game on a console … :rofl:

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Those two examples are not exactly the same. Eve is an amazing gaming experience. Far better then the two garbage titles you mentioned. If it was to go on console and flop, no big deal as nothing will change for the PC players. It will still be there. The nearest experience to Eve on consoles is Elite, and that is garbage. Consoles are missing a mmo title, it’s only a matter of time now before they start appearing on consoles. Especially now, look at the power of the Xbox one X. I’m pretty sure that it will easily handle PC games. I don’t understand why everyone is so against Eve appearing on a console :thinking:

Yes, it can work, and people have surely gotten it to by now (even if it violates a lot of agreements). But it has such a large cost.

The Xbox does run some form of windows, at least small part, but is limited to UWP, as I said somewhere earlier. Those titles require licensing and a specific set of tools. Like with Visual Studio, it has normal coding for Exe then it has coding for UWP (.appx), Xbox can’t run Exe without some form of modification.

It would also require optimizing the game for that hardware (platform) to Microsoft’s standards. It would also have to be secure (so they might just say “NO” because Eve still has some legacy code that could be seen as insecure by the Xbox team). You’d be surprised how picky some console companies are with systems.

If you really want to run it though, like right now, your best bet would be to install some form of Linux (with hardware support) and run it from steam, or the “Linux Launcher”. WSL has the potential to work on Xbox and that could also run Eve with slightly better performance, but attempts to get Eve running on WSL have not gone well.

Here’s a list of a few of the “Why they won’t do it” (at least for now)

  1. Not enough people to make the various versions
  2. Sony would be a **** about it like most cross platform ideas
  3. With Xbox it could lead to multiboxing on a Windows machine
  4. Not enough console players out there that like using a keyboard and mouse
  5. Would cost a lot of money for development and licensing
  6. It would mean slower updates for the PC versions (since to update the console versions requires the OK from all parties like Microsoft and Sony, and that means all updates for all versions that interact)
  7. CCP has shown no interest in going beyond PC and Mac (at least native development)

An addition… The console version would likely have to be that, a console version. Updating it with the PC version is not easy, Minecraft has been an example of that. On the PS3 version and Xbox 360 version, etc. Both (all) parties had to agree on the update. That meant that in order for PS3 to get an update it had to be allowed on the 360 and all the others, or else the idea was scrapped. If it were a unified Eve, it would be months before we would see an update to anything. Take for example, Lifeblood. Instead of it being approved and released in a few weeks of announcement like now, it would take 3 or more months, that would include hotfixes or minor updates. “Found a bug that breaks the game? Well, sorry, you’ll have to wait for Sony, Microsoft, and CCP approval before it gets fixed”. A Megabyte update would take weeks, an expansion months… just gets slower from there.

It’s interesting, In order to get to the moon they must understand that the moon moves around the earth, the earth moves around the sun, AND the entire solar system moves around the galaxy. The Earth is spinning @ 1000 mph and moving around the sun @ 67,000 mph. Sorry off topic I know, but interesting :slight_smile:

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The debate which is PC vs Games console has been going on for a long time.

We have to consider that Eve is actually a type of Terminal Services, meaning that your pc is a dumb terminal and you are simply viewing a session on a super computer. I’m sure it wouldn’t be too difficult to design a console version.

I can’t actually put into words why this can’t even happen. It’s a nightmare mess of incompatibilities, unpredictable release schedules, lack of control over things like user access, and impossible negotiations. I’m not a software developer in any sense of the word, and even I know it’s a dumb suggestion.


What do you mean ‘missing MMO titles’? Ever heard of Destiny? Planetside 2? Final Fantasy MMO?

If you can’t find MMO titles for the consoles, you aren’t looking hard enough.

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LOL, I somewhat see where you’re coming from.

a PC and a console are very similar in their hardware setup. youll get the usual things like hard drive, processor, memory, and graphics device. The only difference is the operating system, it shouldnt be too difficult for sony and MS to update console operating systems to support a game such as Eve.

With most multiplayer games you are viewing a session on another computer so that it is only graphical and keyboard data that is sent across the internet, we know there are many multiplayer games on console so it should be clear consoles can support Eve. Also, I believe both xbox and ps 4 have 8 core AMD processors and good graphics devices so the hardware is available.

Yes, they actually are terrible excuses for computers. The computers NASA used to put man on the moon use magnetic tapes and are fed with what looked like punchcards containing the formulas the scientists and engineers devised to get their numbers. Modern computers can perform that same calculation for a fraction of the time and a fraction of the physical size.

And they aren’t meant to be used for playing games, to begin with. They can’t even play DOOM!

The problem with consoles like XBox or Playstation is they are not an open platform like the PC is. The manufacturer controls a lot of what is going on and they make certain restrictions. If they tell you that you can’t use a central server like what EVE has then you just can’t and you have to isolate their player onto their own instance. And a big part of what EVE is is the shared Universe and its history and not the game itself.

Well there is one type of consoles which you can use right now to play EVE, they are called Steam Machines but they are basically PCs for the living-room. They also have the advantage that you can play the steam games you already own.

Another option is a steam link, just a few bucks and it will allow you to stream games from the PC to your TV.

Apologies sir, I should of wrote “ Real MMO “

And how do you define the term ‘Real MMO’?