Eve Online on game consoles. Why not?


I think is a good idea to share Eve Online to game consoles like a PS4 or XBOX One. The power of that platforms is good enough to provide the excellent picture in FullHD and 4K resolution, and have USB interface to connect keyboard and mouse. Unlike a PC’s is no need to upgrade the hardware for all lifetime of that platforms, that’s very comfortable reason for gamers.
Perhaps it will increase the amount of pilots of Eve Online

Thank you

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Elite Dangerous has been trying to have 1 shared universe on those consoles and PC, but they cant get it to work.
Im sure there’s also reasons why DUST integration on PS3 didnt work very well either.

Well… except buying a new machine every few years.


While I am not against it it would also mean just be somewhere on the same level you have to use a point and click device. Controller is going to be slow and people need to understand that.

In eve… your ability to use shortcut keys are important for quick d-scans, right click and warp and so on. So the game must come with a branded Mouse and Keyboard for your console. That would be awesome actually.

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Sure, have themed ones.

A tactile rubber one for the Gal
A lego one for the Cal
A meccano one for the Min
A chromed plastic yellow pikachu one for the Ams

And a rusty one made of nails for Blood Raider Special Edition (Gooooooo Omir!! Numba One!)


I am OK with the chromed plastic yellow pikachu one for the Amarr.

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The Eve client is written for Windows and DirectX with support for Wine on Mac and Linux. It pretty much requires a keyboard and mouse - I’ve tried the Windows 10 virtual keyboard for industry - it works but you really need to be a masochist.

If you know of a console that meets those specs, it can probably run Eve. As for developing custom clients for 5 year old consoles - I suspect CCP has better ways to invest their limited development resources!

It is also a matter of who owns the property. DUST’d intellectual property was partially owned by Sega. This is why DUST characters could not be transferred to anew PC game. CCP would probably not want any issues like that with EVE.

I do recall Phantasy Star 2 Online was available for Xbox 360, PS3, and PC. However they were not cross-platform. Also subscription was odd. You had to have Xbox live but also pat a subscription to the game owner as well (Sega I believe).

I wouldn’t be against it, but a couple issues…

  1. My experience with people who only game on consoles is that they wouldn’t be interested in a game a complex as EVE, or that they would refuse to use a keyboard and mouse vs their beloved controllers, and that you’d be at a serious disadvantage trying to play this game with a controller. Some would, of course, but I would think CCP at some point did the market research and determined it wouldn’t be profitable to make this game for consoles. I’m sure there was a reason they didn’t develop DUST 514 for PC and not just consoles, but I didn’t care enough about that game to look it up.

  2. AFAIK you have to pay extra per month for online features in console games (I know this is true for PS4). I honestly can’t imagine many people too cheap to sub that are always complaining about how expensive PLEX is paying even their trivial console online fee to play EVE.

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