How to get eve to grow

The simple answer is to port to Xbox. Think about it there are almost no space games on Xbox Let alone any that are free to download. Sure you’ll have to make controller set up but CCP you’ll make a lot more money as most of your competitors such as X4 foundations, SC and etc. Don’t exist on console yet and this would help bring eve into a second golden age as so many more people would have access to your game meaning more money for ccp and more fights more wars more ganks more passion!

@Brisc_Rubal i’m back and also want to see what you think about this

They can’t even run the game properly on PC and you want them to port it to consoles.
Let’s wait until they’ve solved the “spaghetti code” they’ve inherited from the devs who quit first ( never ) then maybe they might be competent enough to port it to console.

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actually, it wouldn’t be that hard to port to Xbox as its just setting actions to buttons or just porting without changes as an Xbox can connect to a keyboard.

How would you even play this game with a controller


How do you play steleris with a controller or no mans sky or space engineers honestly though i have no idea what thats called but if they could you can to

I’m also writing this on a Xbox using a controller.

Is this a troll thread?

“Hey community how stupid am I ?” thread?


That’s a solid point. That being said, I never touch my keyboard except to chat.
Best hardware purchase I ever made for EVE.


Can you imagine if they had Kinect camera input? :exploding_head:

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So. Here’s what I’ll say.


This would require almost a completely separate set of assets to run optimally on Xbox hardware.

Really it’s the age old story of why PC will Always be the MASTER RACE.

Your argument is fair, don’t get me wrong. But the technical limitations would create a hell of a nightmare for asset management.

Also, Xbox doesn’t like it when you do thinks that aren’t in their ecosystem. Xbox Live subscriptions pay for the servers upon which games get hosted. To my knowledge, doing an XBOX version of EVE would basically require communication library that works with something other than Xbox Live.

This is how GTA Online has managed to keep their profit high, because they don’t have the server overhead.

The Asset management alone between the two different versions would likely cost them more money than they would make in enough of a short term timeframe to make it viable without plunging in the red just to get to production.

I think it might not even need different sever because as far as i’m awake games like crosout use the same severs as the pc ones

All CCP needs to do is assign the F1 key to one of the controller buttons and done. :psyccp:



The thought of playing this game with a controller horrifies me. All the more work CCP needs to do to keep the game stable across platforms. All the new coding/bug fixes that maybe exclusive to one side and not to another.

I mean CCP learned a hard lesson when DUST died as that was a PlayStation exclusive.

Why did Elite Dangerous go only to PC?

This is why. :joy:

EVE FPS when CCP? Oh make it PC only please. I want the console players to suffer and migrate to the superior platform that is the mighty PC.

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The real way would be for a period of about 6-18 months make good decisions about the game. players will notice and begin playing it more and talking about it. and all of a sudden you will have 100k players online

Well we know the devs won’t do that

Easy for critics to write posts with 0 substance bashing CCP.

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I think the OP ported his brain somewhere… trying to play Eve on a controller sounds ghastly.

I have done it RIP eve anywhere
Edit: Was hell though

What does 100k players do to the current infrastructure? Would the current hardware withstand the log in log out swapping?

Xbox might bring some folks, who knows if it will keep many of them. I am skeptical about playing this game with a controller but ive been wrong on that before.

What i think gets lost in the EVE Online player statistics is what really brings players back or spurs new folks to try it. Posters here think some miracle rework of [Insert Content Here] will magically do it but think about your own experience with the game.

You play for awhile. You stop at some point. Eventually you think about ciming back. You play for awhile. Some stuff is different. You stop at some point. Rinse and repeat.

I have to assume new players try this game for the same reasons I did back in 2008. Theyre curious, looking for something different, and maybe they like what they see. It has never been a better time for new players in this game. I remember how it used to be.

Some players will dig it. Some players will never be onboard for what EVE expects from you. I really dont think that theres a miracle to boost the playerbase. I think its just a rolling wave of people coming back after taking breaks and some new friends who are the right weird niche for this frankly strange niche game.

If it’s so easy you can code the port and sell the codes to CCP.