How to get eve to grow

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I did my part yesterday and took a new player from an asteroid belt to a wormhole and back while explaining literally everything about wormholes … AFTER which we were supposed to go and see what Abyssal Deadspace is like. We even ‘buddy listed’ each others …

… He got a message in corp chat to join their high security space standing fleet and mine with Orca boosts …

… We didn’t end up going to see what Abyssal Deadspace looks like.

We must enlighten those that can’t help themselves.

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This sounds like a setup script for a scam.

Please say it is… I love a good “come checkout this wormhole” scam.


They might port to Xbox, but judging from the last time a CCP game was on console - they’d port to the original Xbox from 2001…

–Gadget is a PC kinda gal

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What gets Eve to grow is to grow personal FCing skills, actually undock and fleet up with the new’ish players.


It’s more about the Capsuleer that decides to start expanding while planning their own growth within New Eden.

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