Ps4 support for Eve Online (future)

Probably because the most people here are PC gamers. Windows PC is the most popular because you can make nearly everything work on it. There is no flame war because we all here are basically the same.
Also, the platform isn’t really the problem here, but the owner of said platform. Sony will want PS exclusive content like they always do, either being timed or platform based. But don’t you dare to try making PC exclusives at the same time, or at all!

Oh? When is that happening?

Right after World of Darkness releases and DUST 514 is a major success.


There already is Ps4 support for Eve Online, it’s just that Sony & CCP don’t want you to use it.

Current gen consoles are basically ordinary PC’s with a APU.
Knowing this it must not come as a surprise when you read that the PS4 runs a slightly altered version of FreeBSD. The PPC architecture one to be more precise, but some hackers already managed to make the PS4 run linux instead.
Both FreeBSD and Linux can run Wine, thus run Eve Online already. The Mac OS version of EvE is also build upon Wine, so there already is a EvE specific codebase.
It’s possible to run EvE on a ps4 within a day of work; herefore the real question would be: How much money/time would CCP be willing to invest in optimalization & PS4 integration / the writing of some API wrappers?
To be honest, i think that CCP is totally bonkers for not having a Xbox One & PS4 version up and running. The one possibility just mentioned is not te most efficient one, but it works and
I estimate the costs of a “port” at some 100.000 for a fully functioning version. You can do the rest of the math.

There is still an important question that I would like to be answered: how many console players actually have/use mouse and keyboard attached to the console? Do we expect them to buy these accessories to play most likely this one game only, or do we expect CCP to make the whole UI comfortably controllable with the latest version of the Dualshock and/or PSVR?

These two are completely different methods of control and I think it’s impossible to make them work equally well. If you have any advantage or disadvantage because you are using a controller instead of a mouse, the game will be broken and not worth making it cross platform.



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We could make a “f@ck you Sony” though, with a lazy EVE port that works just as well with game controllers as the platformer and especially the top-down sections of NieR:Automata work with a mouse.

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