CCP is now getting bad reviews on ProtonDB

CCP is getting hammered on reviews on ProtonDB now

I said this would happen here Version 19.09 - General Feedback - #17 by Zoiie


If you don’t like Linux, don’t use it.


Reviews on what?

Linux users enjoy being miserable, that’s why they use it in the first place.


What is protonDB and why do we care?


I looks like it’s a tool that works with steams to make it easy to play windows games on Linux. And OP pointed out that players are reporting that Eve’s play-ability isn’t very good (similar to how people might rate how playable a rom is with a particular emulator).

No P2W

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Ah… but ccp has stated repeatedly they have no intention to support Linux. So what is op trying to accomplish?

It is a general discussion in general discussion forums about the consequences of the last patch and reaction.

You just try to turn the thread into an attack on me, the messenger, that is all you are trying to do.

Pretty much a lot of dual booters don’t have secure systems, especially the lack of LUKS and their insecure booting and hassle also with boot managers.

However, this thread is not about that and dual booting defeats the purpose of using Linux to begin with and just for one game? I don’t think many will do that just for Eve.

This thread is a discussion on the reaction of the last patch, not technical discussions.

No it’s just another drama post from a drama poster.


But you still have not stated why it matters that they are hammering EVE?


Based on your past post we also know that what others said… is exactly why you posted it in the first place. Your post have always been self serving when it comes to EVE and Linux.

Nobody cares what some random says about it EVE in some random forum when it has been repeatedly stated before. EVE is a not supported on Linux, not to mention a completely fringe one at that.

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So let me get this right. People are mad that an EXPERMIENTAL OS under the design of Linux which is also an EXPERIMENTAL SYSTEM already is having issues running a game?

I fail to see how an experimental operating system not under Microsoft nor Apple would be picked to play games on when it literally says on the front page of the ProtonDB that the Platform is completely experimental and ask you to report bugs to them.

So people got no one to blame but themselves on this one for using a 3rd party system that is still in its experimental state, that means its not even in its prototype state and still years from its first Alpha!


Yes, thank you for reminding me of the thread topic.

So a lot of Linux-based operating systems users can’t log into EVE. Is there anywhere CCP promised EVE would work with Linux-based operating systems?
If yes, do you have a link?

Yet Eve still supports Windows 7 as mininum specification, which is END OF LIFE by Microsoft, as is Windows 8.1 END OF LIFE.


Time for CCP to up the mininum specs to Windows 10. Watch the outrage then.

So what?

It just means that they will no longer get patch updates. That does not impact the support of EVE on them.

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It also means libraries like CRT and DirectX and others won’t be updated and patched. Meaning, breakage happens, also why they dumped older versions of MacOS.

Once again… so what.

DX11 is going to be around for long while. That is supported seperately.

Thats fair but let me directly be frank and point something out for you. ProtonDB | Gaming reports for Linux using Proton and Steam Play

Read literally the websites title. Note now how it says Proton is for STEAM, not CCP’s launcher, just like how Jagex’s launcher for Runescape is not from Steam, or how Origin is also not from Steam.

It literally states what Proton is only for right on the website title card :expressionless:

If you check the dudes other posts.

It is better to just stop responding. He gets told the same thing in just about every thread.


Eve is written in QT (launcher), Python (client), OpenGL (Mac), Vulkan (Mac), these are all cross platform technologies.

Eve was on Wine for Mac in the past, now it’s native. Mac is a tiny market also.