Vr type of expreince

i believe this type of experience would benefit eve online and its player base,

suggestions: giving the option of players being able to use this type of experience to walk around hangers and trade ports when docked, being able to view items and its components in detail,
{ able to break the item down view each component in detail, }
being able to see other players while using this type of experience and being able to interact with player models, { wave hand, etc }
ships: being able to control and maneuver ships better then what we are currently, { real life style flight combat } this would give players a experience that would change combat while in pvp/pve fights, { this option ccp could offer a wider range of ship classes, and styles, along with components for each ship class, along with a set of new skills for each class of ship, allowing older players to continue to level in skills that are currently maxed,
Misc Experiences: Allowing players to have better control over player owned ports and hangers, then currently: allowing players to outfit weapon systems etc to ports and hangers, to allow defense while being attacked, { allowing for a more thrilling experience when the port finally explodes when successfully defeating it, allowing player skins to player models, allowing to make and sell custom implants by compacting other implants that would be compatible, along with custom weapon systems by doing the same thing { compacting other systems into a single model } New Skill sets would be required for this } allowing the harvesting of suns etc for energy of certain ship classes, { New skill set would be required } new titan class of ships for a example,

ccp could benfit from this by offering new paid packages, skill injectors etc

I sincerely doubt Eve is going to benefit from VR in anything other than walking in stations, and that isn’t super likely to happen.

We already have weapons for Upwell Structures.
Smashing multiple weapons into one will just screw with game balance, same with implants.
We don’t need new titans either. I don’t see what we need from suns.

i wasnt saying vr with vr sets but with that type of experience, being able to view and control more then what we are able to in eve, and with the game balance i believe players would be happy with it when it came to pvp and pve combat, being able to put multi systems into one would benefit alot of players by being able to customize and change systems when needed, { example: Large scale pvp fights } mining etc it would open up new areas of the game were players could change and alter there systems to suit there needs more then what we are able to currently, and the weapons systems would be be better for more structures other then the upwell stations, and the titans was used as a example, a new ship class could be used were there fuel source came from suns and other stars allowing for harvesting and being able to sell the resources on market

We need WiS first, then we can have VR, and cycle will be complete.

if only someone would have spoken up on that meeting ccp had about developing a vr-game…
anyone developing vr games, even in 2020, is a fool or just have to much money to burn without any returns.

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