Spatial Computing

Searching for “Spatial Computing” in the forum did not result in a direct hit.

Since it is standard in EVE to play with multiple accounts. Therefore I ask myself the question: Has “Spatial Computing” found its way into EVE?

Does the EVE community use programmes like “Immersed” for virtual screens with VR headsets or is this planned?

Since so much is currently happening in this field, whether the announced

  • Visor “” directly from Immersed with up to 4k resolution,
  • the Quest 3 with its focus on “Augmented Reality”
  • or Apple’s Vision Pro with its outrageous price.

Are others also looking forward to the release of these devices and the development associated with them?
So that you finally don’t have to stack countless monitors on your desk, compress all your accounts onto one monitor or minimise everything that is not in use.


I wonder if CCP might dive into AR next fascial year. Right now, no indicators of them doing it. I would imagine it would be a nightmare to code/design.

I do have my doubts about AR anyways.

VR did not really go so well for CCP during EVE Valkryie as that was shut down.

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EVE and AR will be difficult if not impossible to realise. Although it could be interesting to imagine having an asteroid field in the middle of the room and tapping the space ships and steering them with hand movements.

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Instead of an extra game for VR (EVE Valkryie), an implementation following the example of Homeworld Remastered Collection: would have been easier with a mode or mod.


If EVE used the Unreal Game Engine, then you could try out this mod with EVE. :thinking:

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