Second day in EVE. Chose to do exploring and this happened

My heart is still racing like mad!


Welcome to the best game EVEr…


Some days you’re the explorer, some days you’re the explored. Welcome to EVE…


Nice job getting out and about on your second day, and welcome to EVE.


BTW, remember this feeling…you will have just as strong ones but on the negative side shortly so…

Circle of life and all…


good job … take it home now

welcome to EVE



I remember the time this loot was actually worth a lot. :frowning:

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half bilion isk is worth a lot. Especially for new player.

Btw. made back safely to Jita


I thought the BPC are worthless now, that the cost is in the materials, did you check contract prices?

thats the spirit
you sir have a great future ahead
welcome to new eden


I hope you still feel the same after your first ship/pod loss :slight_smile:

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Sounds about right like that (contract sell prices).

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Regardless - Well done for getting out there and doing, OP. :+1: :+1:

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Depends on how many runs the bpc goes for. If its 10 runs, it’s not much. 60, on the other hand, is quite valuable. Good find OP. And good luck in future expeditions!

Well done, OP. Though it’s been over fifteen years now, I still remember the thrill of my first few days in New Eden.

As for those of you that never log in to the game anymore but still take the time to come to the forum to drag those that do. Shame on you.

Just ignore the Debby downers, Paul. Keep on doing what you are doing.


This reminds me of my first weeks in space. Got a Gurista’s Ballistic Control, fit it on my Cormorant for the single launcher, and lost it to another player within a week.

Been hooked ever since… and learned a great deal about not doing stupid stuff.

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Well done - great to hear of the wins like that rather than “I hate this game” (though trust me there will be days when the cookie breaks the other way; but you’ll forgive Her for that!). This is Eve, there’s no mistress quite like her.
I’ve been slowly getting back into exploration and forgotten how much fun it can be - and how wonderfully tense life in wormholes is!

As a manufacturer: the three BPCs are nice finds - especially the Augmented Mining Drone - I could probably turn a 35m ISK per run profit on that alone. That should give you a feel for its economic worth - 9m ISK per for the Hammerhead, 3m per for the the Hobgoblin; based on my operation. Others will probably do better!


I didn’t sorted contracts right so gave bad price. But still managed to get 300 mil from all 3 and all blueprints where 10 run copy.

Also for everything else. I’m ready to lose. Reason im so hyped about that jackpot is that I don’t need to worry about replacing my heron. I can just dive in and learn from own mistakes. In long run, I’m aiming to get some kills myself.


you are to good to be true
you understand several core concepts of the game with so little time

  1. learning from own mistakes
  2. the value of replacing the ship you use to make the thing ( 1 heron made you lots of herons )
  3. aiming to get some kills yourself

good for you
hope you are real :smiley:
if all new players were like you the world would be a better place S3


Maybe it’s that way because my attitude to games as whole. Or maybe because I simply learned about eve a lot before starting.

Anyway, all that good words from everyone here. Just help me to push forward and learn the game