Sprradsheets in space

This sounds like an April fools joke. "Hey guys, how about some spreadsheets in space? "

Can the Eve devs get more insane? What is happening to our space sandbox? CCP is going insane. Kind of sad to watch it. But here it is.


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This was announced at Fanfest last year. Also, a lot of functions in EVE benefit from spreadsheets, such as industry.


You may think this is a joke, however it was very well received at fanfest last year when they first announced it. There are enough people that want to see this happen.

I signed up for the beta! :sweat_smile: :joy: :sob:


I remember they they removed the jukebox because people could listen to a music service of their choice outside EvE, and it was a waste of resources to support the in-game version.

I also remember they removed the in-game browser, because people could just use an outside browser of their choice outside EvE, and it was a waste of resources to support the in-game version.

And now spreadsheets…

–Perplexed Gadget


Welcome to EVE!:smiley:

I enjoyed watching the vid. I found it on YT as part of “What is EVE” discovery beforIe I downloaded the game. Noticed the devs are busy and thought why not… Am not regretting it. It’s much more than what I expected. Lots to take in and discover.
Despite unexpected technical issues ( the client froze my system, had to restart ) I’m pleased with the game.
Thanks @devs.

Well, more accurately it is relational databases in space. SQL, specifically, which I myself used to code in.

Why do you think that this is an insane idea?

It sounds like a perfectly sane and reasonable idea and use of resources to me. Making important data easily accessible to the majority of the player base is not an indication of impaired thought processes. Your question, conversely, is. :laughing:

I’m pretty sure he’s talking about the Excel integration.

I made a ganking spreadsheet.


How much does use of Exel cost ?

This will probably go the same route as the browser we had. 1-2 years after launch it’ll be outdated, have giant security loopholes and it’ll never be fixed or maintained.

Sounds good, as the perennial problem I have is why my ‘total value’ is always way more than what the sum of all my stuff seems to be. And even more useful…do I already have all or most of the parts for a ship fitting. It would be good to be able to compare a ship fitting with a list of all owned parts, and thus not end up with ‘junk’ lying around in stations that never gets used because one has forgotten it is there.

I haven’t done any comparisons lately on the “estimated value” accuracy, but it’s always been a bit wonky. It’s OK for getting a “ballpark estimate” of a variety of things, but can be quite a long way off on specific items.

IIRC though one of the differences between getting an estimate on all your items, and the “total value” figure, is that CCP assigns a value to your total SP and throws that into the ‘total’ pool as well.

I’m talking waaaay out. It says my value is 8bn…but I can only really account for about 5.5bn worth of stuff.

I’d also like to see, in fittings, an estimated value and an ‘actual value’…i.e what was the actual cost of the parts used. That also allows me to see clearly if prices have gone up or down.

I am happy to hear of the partnership. Unfortunately to keep my personal expenses low, I use OpenOffice. So it seems I will need to continue manually making entries for sometime.

I also tried to sign up for the beta, until it got to the point where you had to enter your discord ID.
I am not a social person in general.

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EVE Online devs at a CCP meeting :smiley:

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Though google sheets might be included within EveOnline via granting access somehow?

I dont know, have CCP counted them? Was there a poll made?

It seriously sounded like a joke based on meme at first when they said about that. Maybe people reacted like that because they think of a meme first.

What about open source projects? Will it work with Libre Office? Or Google Sheets?