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Hello everyone,

Today I started to make an MS Excel 2016 - Spreadsheet. I would like to import Market Data from Jita 4-4 in my Excel tool. I was using this guide:

I managed to get to step 4 in this guide, but now I start getting problems. The guide refers to some Swagger - stuff i dont really understand but i can imagine it has something to do with the ESI - Endpoint in terms of getting the data request done.

I found this link here from the eve-online websites:

It states that I can find all the endpoints via swagger. They provide this link for this task:

Im stuck here and I am a bit confused right now. I got no programming skills, I just followed the guide I posted above.

I would be very thankful if somebody here has an idea or two.

Thank you very much for your time, have a great day,

Lee Simmens

The actual route list is where they are grouped by similar things. Clicking on Assets for example shows the routes that relate to assets. For example one would look like{character_id}/assets/

Oh thank you very much for your reply, I will try to do some progress now and will post here if i managed to get things done.

Well, i was provided with an Request URL from

but EXCEL says when I do: New Data Request- > From different Sources -> From Web -> Put in my Request URL that i got from in here it says acess denied. So i gues my authentication token is wrong. Any idea how I can test my authentication token generated in Step 3 of the guide i posted above ?

How many digits should an acess token have and how should I use the request- url in Excel to get the marketdata?

Thanks for your time,
Lee Simmens

Well if it responded with 403 access denied that means you are unable to dock in that structure. Reading market orders from player structures requires you are able to dock in said structure.

Ok, I used the station id for Jita 4 -4 and I get a request URL. When I get a request URL does this mean that my authentication token is right? Would i get otherwise a 403? When I do this step mentioned under point 4 in the guide:


In Excel, open up the Data ribbon and click on Get Data , select From Other Sources , and finally select From Web . You will be prompted for a URL, paste the Request URL here and click OK. This will load the query editor…

When I put the esi request url into the field where it should be i it will not load the query editor but another window pops up where I have different choices:

Acess web content:
-organizational account

In the guide he wrote that you just pu in the request url from esi and press ok, no further window pops up. It will instantly collect data and you can choose then which data he should load into your spreadsheet.

I am a bit confused right now whether i got a problem with my acess code or am I missing something in Excel. If my acess token is faulty, should i then getting an error ? Or do i get a esi request token because i picked Jita 4 -4 and its open data ?

Thx for your time
Lee Simmens

Unfortunately, that endpoint is for player structures.

For jita 4-4 your normally hit the region endpoint and pull everything for the forge, then filter it down (it works better for caching)

So you want to walk through the pages until you stop getting data. It’s around 300 pages or so.

It’s possible, just a bit painful in excel


thank you for your reply. Like you said, I used the wong endpoint. I tried out your advice with the region and I pulled in my first data. What a relief :stuck_out_tongue: . I need only the buy/ sell orders for about 25 items, so I am not shure yet if I should make a request for each of them or if i should write a function to do it for me. Do you have some advice on how you would pull the data for let’s say 30 specific items ?

Thank you for your time
Lee Simmens

If you just want 25, you might want to pull them individually, rather than the whole lot.


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