Any guides on how to use ESI in ms Excel

Currently i import Jita mineral Prices to work out build costs using data query in excel. To my understanding that is soon dis-appearing in favor of esi which i have no idea how to use. Any help with guides and how to use this to replace the import data function would be greatly appreciated

Jita prices will still be available from third-party sources as they are now. CCP doesn’t actually publish regional prices except on the in-game Market screen.

For private data this should be the page you are looking for:

Power Query was an add-on to Excel that is built in to Excel 2016. I’d suggest trying it out on one of the public info ESI endpoints such as Prices first. I’ve got that working fine. It’s more flexible than the old XML downloading but has its own way of doing stuff.

Yes, it looks complicated. covers how to import prices from my site, using powerquery :smiley:

All up ESI is somewhat harder to do. The link above covers it. Harder, but possible. (I’m just waiting to get python support built into Excel. It’s requested, but I don’t know how seriously it’s being looked at)

Using the above Guide I registered with CCP and got Postman working. However the script in Excel generates an Error. Help!

DataSource.Error: Web.Contents with the Content option is only supported when connecting anonymously.

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