Market and Item data important into Excel

Hey all,

I am pretty sure this question has been asked a thousand times but I need to ask it again. I read a lot of guides and information but also due to the fact that English is not my mother tongue and I am no programmer I still dont understand how to do it:

I would like to use ESI to import two things into my Excel 2016 spreadsheet:

  • Market data for specific items in a station (e.g. Jita 4-4)
  • Estimated item value to calculate the job cost in a specific station

I already use the eve-marketer API to insert market data into Excel, which works fine. But the EIV I dont get.

Can someone be of help?

EIV’s actually more complicated.

When you’re manufacturing, the price is based off the materials (ME 0), not the end result.

You need to query it from ESI. Excel can do this with power query.

Thanks I imported the prices into Excel using your link. I did not know I can just use that link tbh, because I got confused about the developer stuff and the ESI-website.

What price I will need to use: the average price or the adjusted price? Both do not match the EIV I get when I insert the BPC into one of my manufacturing slots. Or is the basis for the calculation the average price of all components I need to use to manufacture one piece of the final item?

You use the adjusted price of all the components, at ME 0. (regardless of any bonuses you get. ) Then multiply it by the appropriate index for the system. (retrieved from in the same way)

activity 1 is manufacturing.

(the adjusted price is used to stop people manipulating the price for components.)

Thanks for the support - I really appreciate! :slight_smile:

One more thing:

I would like to important prices for different items in The Forge using this

But the outcome does not match the market situation.

However, when I retrieve a single specific item like

directly, it is correct.

Are the values accumulated in the first query? And how can I insert a second or third item in the second request?

multiple pages. The forge has 19, if I remember right.

You may want to look at

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