Formula for industry job cost and adjusted price data source?

I’m not getting either the formula or the input for the job costs right.

Lets take an invention job based on a Overdrive injector system I BPC (typeID 1245) which has the goal to result in a Overdrive injector system II BPC (typeID 1237). The EVE client displays me the “2.0% of estimated item value” as 1.002 ISK.

My understanding is, that the estimated item value is the adjusted price for the output T2 BPC, thus typeID 1237.
Source for the adjusted prices is the endpoint of ESI.

However typeID 1237 is not in the list returned by that endpoint !?

Are you sure its not based on the item that the blueprint would produce? Just taking a guess.

Checked that as well:

Product of the T2 BPC would be Overdrive injector system II (typeID 1236), which has an adjusted price according to ESI of 396179.26, with 2% being 7923.59… far away of the 1002 ISK.

Checked the input materials, too. One each of Datacore - Molecular Engineering (typeID 20415) and Datacore - Nanite Engineering (typeID 20416) with adjusted prices of 80680.92 and 124441.09.
(80680.92 + 124441.09) * 0.02 = 205122.01 * 0.02 = 4102.44… also far away.

Prices are based off the adjusted price of the input materials, at ME 0, then multiplied by the industry index for that activity. Then it’s multiplied again for activities like invention and copying, by 0.02

@Steve_Ronuken Could you provide an example please for the situation above, that results in the displayed 1.495 ISK EIV. My understanding of the UI is that this is after the 0.02 but before the index and facility tax.

ESI returns the following for the two datacores for TQ:

    "adjusted_price": 78539.41,
    "average_price": 87351.07,
    "type_id": 20415
    "adjusted_price": 122204.06,
    "average_price": 111018.52,
    "type_id": 20416

Thus again taking also your input this should be (78539.41 + 122204.06) * 0.02 = 1.495
However the result is 4014.8694.

you must use the manufacturing required items.

invention EIV is based on the T2 bpo manufacturing activity
copy EIV is based on the T1 bpo manufacturing activity
all the while with raw BP values.

in this case
copy EIV = (234 * estm(tritanium)+3413 * estm(pyerite) ) * 0.02
invent EIV = (estm(overdrive T1)+estim(ram armor/)+5 * estim(plasma thruster)+3 * estim(mech parts)+estim(morphite)) * 0.02


Ah, that was the missing information. Many thanks!

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