Estimated Item Value calculation

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Another topic on the subject some might say.
Well I just want to summarize the info in a single place and mention a small issue to be corrected IG
Beside I hope you won’t be offended if I say that it would be great if the whole topic explanations could be made available to all IG and not outside game.


So far I understand from @Steve_Ronuken answer to @Mini_Mupah in this post INDUSTRY Estimated Item Value Wot the ACTUAL? that IEV

is the sum of the Adjusted costs (AC) for all the components, at ME 0, with no reductions from anything

Ok. Then what is the Adjusted cost ? how is it calculated / determined ?
From another answer of @Steve_Ronuken to @Capt_Tiberius in this post Estimated Item Value differs from in-game I found that in

The price used to manufacture things is based of the materials to manufacture at ME 0 (adjusted cost)

Ok great so if I understand all of this correctly then :
Component Adjusted Cost = Component_price x Component_Qty_@ME0
Which leads us to (as an example)
IEV = Tritanium_Price x Qty_Tritanium_@ME0 + Pyerite_Price x Qty_Pyerite_@ME0 and so on …

One question still : which price is considered ? the average price in the station/system/region/universe ? Any answer would be welcome :pray: :ok_hand: :+1: thanks

Small Issue
Beside I figured that the IEV price used to determine the cost of a manufacturing job does not correspond to the 2% IEV price used to determine the cost of a copying job as you can see on the screen shots below :



If I know my mathematics correctly I guess there are 2 options :

Option 1 : Calculation correct
Then it should be stated for copying job 20.0% of IEV and not 2.0% of IEV

Option 2 : Calculation incorrect
Then CCP please …


The Adjusted cost can be retrieved from the market endpoint on ESI.

It’s a figure that’s somewhat manipulated by CCP, to avoid manipulation by players. It kind of tracks the universe average, but not quite. They do not explain where it comes from.

When I’m talking about the adjusted cost, that is the price which is used to calculate the price, which is used to then calculate the manufacturing cost.

So you take the adjusted costs for each of the materials, multiply it by the quantity at ME0, add it up, and that’s the base item price (the EIV in the screenshots above), which is then used in all the cost calculations. (for manufacturing, copying, etc.)

As for the copying bit: you’re not taking into account that you’re doing 10 run copies.

This isn’t about manufacturing, but:

In my experience, the estimated value of an item can vary widely, especially for sparsely traded items. It’s a ballpark number at best.

Right now, I have a Rapid Equipment Assembly Array in Jita that has an estimated value of 0.

This despite there being both buy and sell orders for it – 13 million buy, 90 million sell.

What I noticed is that the last sale of an REAA was a while back.

So i’m guessing part of the value estimation is price history. If there haven’t been any sales in the last N days, the value is zero.

Which IMO is kind of stupid for something I could sell right now to a buy order for 13 million…

The average is a 28 day rolling average. That value is used for estimations in your assets.

The adjusted value isn’t displayed anywhere but in the industry details. And how that’s created is held privately by CCP. But in part it’s to avoid the issue you see above.

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Ah! Didn’t know that; thanks!

Still, shouldn’t the minimum price be whatever the current top buy order is? Going to zero doesn’t make a lot of sense in this example.

@Steve_Ronuken @Piotr_Leusten thanks a lot for sharing !!! :+1: :+1: :+1:

… and for pointing out that I missed the numbers of runs on the screeshot, shame on me :woozy_face:

Still, and I don’t mean to be too fussy, should’nt this screen show something like this below to be more comprehensive :

  • 2.0% of EIV 13763.6 ISK
  • Number of runs 10 / 137636 ISK
  • System Cost Index 13,17% / 18168 ISK
  • etc …

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