INDUSTRY Estimated Item Value Wot the ACTUAL?

Hi all, I am having a lot of trouble trying to work out how estimated Item value is calculated as I am trying to streamline my personal operations when I am logging new jobs.
In the screenshot below you can see the esimated item value of a tech 2 wolf to be at 13 million ISK which is different to the adjust price that I pulled from ESI, I also pulled the Index for ILLINFRIK to check the number was ok there. 1.41% Am I missing something here??

If you would like to check out my spreadsheeting operation check me out on youtube at

Does it matter? Do you really want to pay more taxes? Ingame estimations are always off and skewed.

The estimated cost, for manufacturing purposes, is the sum of the adjusted costs for all the components, at ME 0, with no reductions from anything. This is to deal with things like Titans and super carriers, which until recently, just weren’t sold on the market.


I don’t care about how much tax I pay so long as I can consistently prepare how much something will cost before the fact.

Thankyou Steve, love your work.
So EIV =adj_component1qty_required+adj_component2qty_required etc.

That’s doable. I’ll have a crack. While I have got you Maestro Ronuken, do you know if there is a way to pass in multiple type id’s using a delimiter with the ESI market orders pull? Rather than needing to query one at a time or page by page I would like to know if there is something in the middle. Thinking concat a bunch of id’s and enter them into one query.


i too am interested in this :smiley:

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There isn’t I’m afraid. ESI is either pull the entire region, or pull a specific item type from a region.

It’s for caching purposes. (you can cache those two. if you could hand in a list, it’s unlikely that anyone else would ask for the same list)

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