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I’ve been gone about 10 years. When I log onto my account profile in a browser, I can’t see any character details whatsoever. Only their names and black silhouettes.

I opened a ticket, but I didn’t get a response. I also asked on Reddit, and someone there speculated that it might be due to the fact that the character creation process has changed since I played last. It sounds plausible, but it remains a speculation and it doesn’t solve the problem or remove any troublesome implications.

Obviously, I plan to play again in a not too distant future, but I can’t check this in the game client atm. I’d like to access my characters before then to consider starting skilling or just see where I’m at and plan accordingly.

If anyone has any input, I would appreciate it.

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You might be able to retrieve your details with a tool such as .

When you log in, you will likely have to recreate your character. I went though this process many years ago, though I am uncertain what complications will come from the 10 year interval, in your case.

Thank you for the tip.

Admittedly, at a glance I can’t see why a third party site would give me access to something the official account page doesn’t, but it might be a way to strong arm stat info for mysterious reasons. I don’t know. I’ll keep it in mind if all else fails.

Thank you again.

ESI allows the pulling of information directly from an API designed for that purpose. It’s maybe a little less complicated (or at least different) and might still be able to pass 10 year old information.

Legacy data may be stored differently, and would need to be imported into newer formats. If so, nothing may work until you log in again and the automated systems do their thing. The bright side is that alpha accounts are a thing, so you should be able to install the client and log in without having to pay a subscription fee.

I hope your problem gets sorted out quickly and painlessly.

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I’m not sure why you want to look at your characters in a browser, so forgive me if I’ve missed something.

EvE is free to play now. Alpha clones have restrictions, but to simply check on your characters and account, you can download the game and go straight in. As has been said, after such a long time you may have to use the character creation system to update your portrait, but all your skills and equipment will still be there - just some of those skills and ships may not be usable at higher levels till you subscribe.

It’s very simple: I don’t have access to a computer :slight_smile:

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