Old Player Coming Back

(BolsterBomb) #1

Hello - Im an older player coming back into Eve.

I tried downloading EveHQ and updating my API so I can get my barings straight, but EVE HQ will not load any data, just the character name.

Is EVEHQ still running? Any ideas, alternatives, fixes, etc?

I noticede in my support area Third Party Applications, no 3rd party apps have been granted access. I dont ever remeber doing this. All permissions in API key have been set to all.

(Ky Rollard) #2

If you have been gone long enough, the system may not have maintained your information. This doesn’t mean that your characters are gone, just no information cache to draw from. Logging into game and into each character should resolve that.

(Giddy McFee) #3

I can confirm EveHQ is still working as I use it myself.

(Boldly Gone) #4

Never heard of eveHQ - what are the features? evehq.co is not very informative.

(system) #5

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