Returning To EvE - Gone since 2012 - (Retribution)?

Hello everyone o/,

I have been gone for some time (2012). I have purchased a gaming pc after 8 years and the first launcher on my download list was EvE. I haven’t followed things too closely, but I understand that Providence has undergone many changes since then.

To cut to the chase;

I wondered what the best approach to return to EvE would be. My thought was create a new character and start from scratch to relearn EvE from the beginning. I have this character who was my main, but I would have a negative sec status and may have a difficult return with this. I don’t remember much of the details of the game as I’ve had many life changes since 2012. I have much less time to game than I did previously, maybe an hour a day or less, maybe more on the weekend. My biggest concern would be skill points and how many years I spent training on my main.

I can’t wait to get back into Providence and explore. I feel that this time around I could very much end up mining or being involved in industry. I have less time and a less aggressive attitude. I had not explored mining/carriers previously, but enjoyed exploration and scanning with probes, ganking, manufacturing drugs, stealth bombers, pvp, and anything else in the beautiful world of EvE.

I know this may be a very difficult question to directly answer, but I am thankful for anyone’s 2 cents.

Stay safe o7

How many skill points did your old character have ? It might be worth resurrecting that one in order to fill skill extractors, which could then be applied as skill injectors to the new one.

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Is there any way to check the skill points outside of the client? I also have not a clue what skill extractors are. I also read over something about needing books to learn skills now?

What I suggest, is creating new character and just try to get to know the game again. Since 2012 most of the game changed. It’s better to try to play as alpha for week or two, maybe make some friends. try to get idea if you enjoy your time here before investing into game.

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I believe there’s a way of externally checking skillpoints, but I’m not sure how - hopefully somebody else will know.

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Sometimes I check, but it feels like it’s only working properly when you logged in recently.
EVE Apps for mobiles are also doing the job, e.g. “EVE Portal” or “NEOCOM II”.

Yeah, you can use programs such as Evemon (3rd party) on PC or Eve Portal (official) on android to see your skills, but you’ll still need your account credentials.

It’s not hard to fix sec a low sec status, as you really only need to get it above -2. Of course, if it is already below -5, it will be extremely difficult to fix that sec status while in HS. But, even then, you’ll still have options (like tags, or, if you’re currently living outside of HS, joining the locals so that you can rat up your sec status in relative safety). Plus, if you’re going to go live in providence, it’s a moot point anyway. Create an alpha alt to use as a HS market alt, and your old toon as your main. Anyway, check out this Eve University page about sec status, and if you have any questions ask.

Speaking of which, you can create a new character if you want, but there’s nothing wrong with flying the old one either. You can still relearn the game while flying him, and the extra skills will give you a leg up. The only thing I would suggest is to not fly anything too expensive too early, as you’ll want your player skills to catch up to your character skills.

Skill extractors allow you to pull SP out of one toon and put it in another. However, the extractors are expensive, and you’ll incur an injection penalty -the strength of which will be determined by the total SP of the injected character. Now, there are many good reasons to use inectors, but in this case, the only thing it’s really going to accomplish is allow you to change your name and avatar in exchange for a bunch of SP and isk.

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Thank you all for your help. I can’t wait to get started. It looks like my main has 38 million SP and a -3 sec status.

Any other advice based on my SP + sec status? Otherwise, thank you very much!

Noice. 38mil is a good start. That’s about 2 years worth of skill training.

So, with a -3 sec status, you won’t have to worry about being an automatic valid target to other players, but faction police will attack you in 0.8, 0.9, and 1.0 systems. Now, I have heard that you can safely travel through systems while being hunted by faction police, but I don’t know what their exact response time is. Regardless, you should be fine as long as you stick to a cruiser or below, and keep moving (don’t sit around on gates or in mission pockets). Anyway, one way you could do it is to use a Tristan, Sniping Destroyer, Jackdaw, Algos, Vexor, or the like, and go around running combat anomalies. Just don’t run any in a system that you will get attacked in (don’t worry, more systems will “open up” to you as your sec status improves). Also, train up “Fast Talk” to rank 4 or so, as it will give you a bonus to sec status gains. Finally, there are also concord ships, like the Pacifier, which give an additional bonus to sec status gains, but they’re expensive and completely optional.

Oh, and your sec status gains will be based on the biggest ship you kill every tick. So, it’s better to do fewer sites with bigger ships, than lots of sites with smaller ships.

Also, Emerging Conduits are a new type of combat anomaly that’s kind of hard. Don’t run those without looking up a guide or some fits.

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Thank you for your response. I’m happy to hear that with a little bit of work I may have some valid options!

Not a bad idea…

Take your old money, create a new char, suck out all your existing skills and inject them into the new char. It is just isk at the end of the day. :slight_smile:

And then surprise people and get called a credit card noob while collecting peoples salt and corpses.

You can also repair your Standings by going to a Concord station (like Jan VI - Moon 21 - CONCORD Academy) with some Clone Soldier tags and some isk, and buying your way to a clean Standing. Clone soldier tags can either be bought, or farmed in low-sec asteroid belts.


I came back after a long period of no play.

Found a number of learned skills had been deleted and new ones to learn. Luckily deleted skills left a good amount of free skill points that i used to train new ones with.

Good thing with using the old character is you could fly everything you could before. And most new skills required the old ones or are complete new skill paths.

Skill Point extraction as i see it is a waste of time as have had some friends do it only to realize the skills they though they’d never need, they had to re-skill to get back.

I found all i had to learn were the RIG skills, and a few ship skills,took less than a month to get all done to a ok level.
Other than that it was more about learning the changes to the ships and new modules, and what they offered.

Looked at starting a new character and even tried an alt, found in the time to fix the old character the new one could only do the basics. At least the old had all core skills high and most ships at good levels, the alt without skill injector could fly a cruiser of character design faction and weapons of said faction. But for the same length of time the old character got more refined skills while the new was still giving to basic use.

Have s look at the old character,and see what area you need to spend time training on skills.

Keep your old character.

You will relearn the game quick enough.

This is amazing to read. Thank you so much for this chip of wisdom :slight_smile:

So I too am thinking about coming back.

It was 2012 when I last signed in, I have 92m SP on one char about 47m SP on another account (dual accounts back in the day was the only way).

Recommendations from an old hat player.

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