Character Missing

Hello. I recently returned to Eve after a rather large break. After launching the game I was puzzled to see that my main character was missing. The only characters that are on my account are ones that have basically no skills trained and have no assets anywhere within the eve universe. I immediately thought that this was strange since I have had this account since 2011 and have consistently trained skills (for the most part). One of my characters looks like what my main used to look like but his name is “Amarr Citizen #####”. Has anyone had this issue before or fixed anything like this?

A few years ago, CCP deleted the names of trial account characters and replaced them with what you have right now. The old names are recorded, and can be reinstated by submitting a support ticket (if the name hasn’t been claimed be a new account).

All paid accounts (paid at any point in time, via any payment method), permanently keep their character names.

What this means is that you’ve logged in on the wrong account.

Or someone reported the name of your main as offensive and the GM’s changed it to a generic name. Log in to the character and check if it’s yours she if you have a mail from a GM.

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