How long do deleted characters exist in Doomheim?

Ok, backstory: I created a character, realized I capitalized the name wrong, so I deleted it and made a different one with the correct capitalization (same name).

The problem now is that when anyone searches my character, they get this popup asking which of the two characters they mean. I wish the other one would just disappear from all records.

How long until cleanup?

Doomheim is an unofficial corp. For eternity they are there

This also happens when other characters exist that contain your name. One of my alts has that problem, there is not much you can do about it except pay extra attention when giving money or creating contracts that you picked the right character.

Yea but for me that’s the only other character, so I could be free from the popup.

Also happens when someone deliberately makes a character that includes your name for trolling purposes

Some asshat made a character called Gaming513 Tyler’s Mom and it infuriates me to hell whenever I have to do something from my alt to my main -_-

I remember that lol

If they wanted to piss you off even more, they’d make several ones named gaming513 Tyler, Gaming513 tyler, Gaming531 Tyler, GaminG513 Tyler, Gaming513 TyleR and so on. And keep them all looking similar to your avatar.

I imagine at that point that (being overly optimistic here in assuming CCP gives a damn about the EULA), you’d be able to complain about impersonation. The EULA states that “No player may use the character name of another player to impersonate or falsely represent his or her identity.”

At least on paper that would be a textbook violation of that part of the EULA

Well I’m in this situation, maybe I can complain about impersonating myself…

they are pretty strict on that point about impersonation…

I feel like @Archer_en_Tilavine may have an idea about that “alt” of yours, or at least remembers when it was created as well.

which your alt is not in doomheim according to evewho

I like that idea, just don’t complain, but ask if they can help.

There’s also cases some players switch capital “i” and lower case “L” in names, so research is a bit tricky.

Unintended consequences, my bad :joy:.

EVE does have a number of some “string pool” issues. “Yo CCP, this player hasn’t logged into the game for 7 years, for the love of the EVE Gate can I take their name?” - nope! They’d rather appease never-returning players than committed $$$-paying players. Then there’s the inability to change names, even though precedent for this to happen exists; in character history it shows when a character gets transferred, so why wouldn’t it show when a name gets changed? Other MMOs let you change name, so why won’t EVE? They could make $$$ from this by selling Name Change Certificates for PLEX.

Having said that, from what I hear, CCP does honor requests via support tickets to update the capitalization of a name as long as no other changes are made (spelling, spacing, punctuation), so that’s always an option without having to recreate a character entirely (@Erik_Bjarngolf)

I have 100m SP on that char and use it to FC with Imperium, I’m not biomassing it. Okay not really, I used it for one day to mess with Tyler and kept it around in case I wanted to mess with him some more :grin: . @Gaming513_Tyler I promise you I haven’t logged into that char since that ONE time, but, uh, sorry for the inconvenience of the dialog box always popping up… I know it won’t stop happening even if it gets biomassed :grimacing: .

Please don’t make me install EVE just to biomass the char. My life has gotten so much better with EVE uninstalled lol.

Dammit why did it have to be you lol


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