When does a deleted character name become available again?

I added a character to my main account that I now want in a separate account. I know I can pay $20 but I don’t have any skills trained (brand new!) so I’m thinking I could just delete it and add it to the new account later when the name becomes available. Are characters actually deleted on the server? If so, how long would it take before it becomes available?

It should be nearly immediate after biomass; I believe I did something like this in the past with both Character names and Corp names but things could have changed since then.

Maybe file a ticket and ask, but do not list the char name on the forums since someone bored enough will probably try to steal if from you just to grief you.

Thx Kleron I’ll just give it a try and see.

I thought you could move characters from one account to another ?

you can but theres a transfer fee,
meaning its not going to make any sense until the character is over a certain sp/reputation threshold.
if its just a new name and a new face just lash it on a compost heap and be done with it.

I’ve probably biomassed 8 or 10 characters, along with all their stuff ( long story, wait for the book), and in one instance I was able to use one of the character names the next day. I never did, just playing with the mechanics of the game. Probably the only risk would be in some new player writing in your name before you do.

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Char names are not released as the chars joins a corp of the biomassed, i cant remember what they called it but it exists :slight_smile:

Doomheim is the name. All biomassed characters end there amd namea cannot be reused.

It maybe there is a small window when a character can be deleted and the name reused, but it would be very small, like creating a chatacter and deleting before the next downtime. After that (and I not sure of this even), the name is lost to Doomheim.


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Doomheim is only temporary holding for names. I’ve scooped names from there before.

Ah yeah that’s the one, thought it was permanent though

You can probably also try it out by creating a character with a random name, biomass it and see if the name is available again.

its not, you can get characters back from doomheim.
iv seen lads on my shitlist* go there only to be back six months down the line.

you can petition ccp for a bio-massed character and they’le more than likely give it to you if it used to be you.
im not certain how this goes with other characters though.

*people i keep tabs on for … reasons

Me mate Nitshe asks if he has made it to the “list” , or is his face still adorning ya dart board.

Says he has plans too, he thinks your biomassed/recycled moniker would look gr8 with the middle name 'Nitshe" innit.

Says you would make a gr8 Nitshe alt to sully your glorious main’s memory. - ‘Ralph Nitshe King-Griffin’ mmmmmm has a nice ring to it.

Best you don’t quit on us eh, with the old doonheim thingy.


So I checked it out and it works. When you delete a character, then wait out the 10 hours and delete him again to send him to biomass, that character name immediately becomes available to anyone who wants it. I just used another account to take it.

Confirming it does work too. This character was biomassed by me years ago and I just recreated him. Excellent…

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