Advice on re-rolling alts...?

let’s say that I am thinking about deleting one of my alts, and re-rolling, creating a new one… for various reasons. but mostly because I made stupid named choices and just was hit with an idea for much better naming scheme for both my alts…

Regardless of my excuses, what advice does the community have for making the process as painless as possible?

I figure I can send the ISK to my main. Contract the items over to my main.

I am less clear on how skill extractor and injectors work… are they worth it?

So sad that it is not possible to just change character name.

What am I missing, not thinking of?
Any other out of the box suggestions or ides?

Or should i just keep going with the characters I have…?

You can biomass an ALT with an unfortunate name choice but I would keep it and use it for a background activity like PI or skill farming. As the second or third character on an account, it really isn’t costing you anything. For that matter, if it has enough SP to be worth extracting you can probably sell it for a small profit on the bazaar.

For some players their character is an avatar - an extension of themselves. For me, my characters are employees - not the kind of emotional attachment you get with a true avatar. If you’re unhappy with your main - demote him/her and train up a new character for that role - no need to fire them! You can move SP around with extractors - it’s reasonably efficient up to 50 million and, if you’re beyond that probably shouldn’t be posting in New Citizens forum!

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As a new player, i am not really aware of how selling of characters works.
I also have to go look up what it means to “biomass” a character.

I knew about people selling accounts off, with rich, powerful characters. i always assumed they were selling password access to accounts and then creating new accounts, etc…

but can i sell just one of my current three characters? does it get transferred away? can i then create a new one and start over? the weird part is that i gave my Alts the same “family” name as my ‘Main’ character. I really would rather be able to Edit their names. lol



You cannot sell an account. This is against the rules and the EULA and you will be banned.

You can only sell the characters within the account, and they MUST be transferred to a different account.

So, how this works is, you make a post in the market section of the forums, specifically the character bazaar section.

There are requirements for selling characters, including being in an NPC Corp and having no kill rights, etc.

Post your character, the SP amount, etc, and the amount you’re willing to sell them for.

And when a buyer accepts, transfer the character, either by using the account management page, which costs 20 USD, or through the game, which costs 1000 PLEX.

Be warned, you will be responsible for the cost of transfer. Make sure to include that into the price of the character. If you choose to transfer using PLEX, you will have to contact CCP customer service, as this is a manual method of transfer, and it will take time, and you will need to spend the 3.2 billion to buy the plex. So make sure your sell price is more than 3.2 billion.

And no, most characters are not worth the transfer, because they aren’t worth the price. If your alt is less than 2 million skillpoints, hes probably not going to sell, because no one would buy it. You would essentially lose money/isk because you would need to sell at such a low price.

Also, character sales are scam-proof. If you scam or are scammed, CCP will guarantee that they will reverse the transfer or refund either party involved that was scammed.

To biomass, is to delete your character outright.

This is usually permanent, though you can petition CCP to un-biomass your character, but doesnt always work, and it’s up to ccp.

Yes, yes and yes. You can transfer any and every character. And you can start a new character.

You can also hold multiple characters over multiple accounts. So if you dont want to sell or biomass, but you also dont have the space anymore, just make a new account! I have 12 accounts myself. Some of them dip from alpha to omega.


Thanks for clarifying everything. I must have conflated account selling from another mmo with things I thought I’ve heard about EVE.

I’m sure that was all mundane and “known” info… thank you for clarifying things!

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For a character to be worth selling it will need at least 5 million SP and they will usually need to be focused so the character can be used immediately to generate income.

If you have 3 characters on the same account, I recommend you keep them and train character 2 & 3 for industry - things where they can earn income without being logged in like PI, research, copying blueprints, etc… You can train a PI Alt in a couple of weeks pausing your main and it will generate a couple hundred million ISK/month more or less depending on the region of space you live in.

You can only play 1 character on an account at a time so it makes little sense to train 2 combat characters - use the skill queue to build 1 good combat character.

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