I know its silly but part of me wants to come back to eve online as a fresh character

Now i know because skill points and all that but something about me wants to come back but with a clean slate i guess. Am i just silly for thinking this or is this a common thing?

I guess major things are bothering me like my chosen race and the name assigned to him not being changeable its understandable why they don’t like that due to having a history and all that whats everyone else’s thoughts on this?

With your brain wiped of experience and knowledge, too? Otherwise it will not be the same experience as when you started EVE the first time.

If you just want a wiped plate in EVE, you can biomass. I may be wrong but you should probably be able to create a new char with this name soon after.

You’re not the only one, I did.

How did it turn out for you?

It’s all good, new start, new toon, I don’t have any complaints. Extract from or sell your old toon on the bazaar, transfer the ISK, and you start with a fresh slate and a good starting pool of ISK and/or SP.

i think that could be for the best to slowly extract skill points and inject them to the new one with all the isk i have amassed i guess thank you guys for being helpful.

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Don’t do it :] , I bio massed a 110mil sp char and now have a 40mil char and a few alts, its nice having a new start and char that is fresh but when you run out of all that isk again and realize you’re no where near where you used to be you will regret it :] like I do now. If you want rather keep your older char and make a new one, and by playing the new one you will learn to love your main again and that is probably worth more.


Oh i have no intention of bio-massing that would be a waste of a back up plan i intend to make a new account basically the rule i always follow in eve always have a plan B C all the way to Z :smiley:.


If you really want to do that, give everything away and biomas this character you have. It would be a lot easier to start anew when you would have no choice.

I thought about this but didn’t go all in with a new character. Instead I sold everything I had, gave the space bucks away, and started over with nothing but a rookie ship and my existing skills. I enjoyed the experience greatly, but don’t know if I would do it again.

I often start anew. Played on and off since the beginning, sold / traded / deleted my old characters, started anew.

There is quite a bit of fun to be found in applying your veteran knowledge of the game to a newbie character, to accomplish feats of combat (or industry, or trading, or whatever) that a true newbie would marvel at.

There’s also quite a high likelihood that your newbie character will sit in station for 2 years, because you “feel the need” to train up to your previous levels before you venture outside.

So those are the opposite ends of the spectrum. Try to have the fun, and avoid the sitting in station. Maybe join a newbie group; groups will keep you busy and undocked.

I’ve tried to start new characters a few times, and find it to be more trouble than it’s worth. I think my main complaint is fitting skills. Going and putting a ship together only to be 5% pg short or so is just annoying. If I really wanted a fresh start joining a corp or changing up my play style would probably do far more than starting a new character.

I was forced to inject CA’s imps because of that xD

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