Thinking a getting rid of toons that I do not like the name!

I have a bunch of toons that I do not like the name and I am thinking of selling them on the forums. I have not done it before. I would of course follow the rules. Am I allowed to post the stats here to get an opinion of what they are worth?

PS This is a very drunk decision. I have corp ships that no one will be able to fly like my Obelisk until I train another toon for it.

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There is an official/legal way of doing this. You post your char on the Character Bazaar forum (probably best to have one thread per char), and if someone is interested they can make an offer in ISK, and CCP will ensure the deal is honored. Keep in mind $$$ still needs to be paid just to initiate the character transfer, so factor that into your ISK request.

You are advised to create a skillboard for the character on and link it in your forum thread so everyone can view the stats. If you sell the char, make sure to take all ISK/assets and delete all your EVEmails/notes so no personal informaiton is transferred.


Do I pay the $$$ to have the character transferred or does the buyer? I was not going to offer the players here. I was going to post the EVE Skill Board links to see what they are worth so I know what to ask for them. But I do not know if that is allowed and I have already had a topic that I thought was in jest locked and am not trying to break the rules.

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I believe the seller pays $$$, and compensation has to be in the form of ISK. And yes, this is allowed only on the Character Bazaar forums which is specifically designed for this where players can give estimates on the value of the characters and haggle the prices and negotiate selling the chars in the one and only medium in which character selling is allowed because CCP supervises the transactions and enforces them.

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Thank you for the information. I will post the in the Character Bazaar forum.

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be sure to read the rules of selling in the bazaar. you can post all in one topic, but each character has to post in the same topic that they are all for sale… or you can make an individual topic for each one (preferred as mentioned)

Change the portrait to something completely different with or without wearing a cap, hair and even cloths to the point that the pilot looks completely different to what you remember.

It is better than dumping them based on a drunken dislike thought.

Make new ones with the names that you want.

Alternatively strip the characters that you don’t like of skill points and apply the resulting injectors to a new character; more of an isk cost but you don’t have to pay the the transfer fee in RL currency or PLEX.

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Transfer is 20 bucks now and can’t use plex, I think there was a memo.

lol last time I used the character bazaar it was 2012.

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I purchased a character just the other day -) I think it was an old one too.

I’ve only ever sold, never purchased. The character ended up in GSF.

Goon Swam Federation?

Yep; his killboard actually exists now :slight_smile:

This thread inspired me to create a new pilot titled Rodger Starburst.
Building a backstory for him right now.

None of the characters that I am thinking of selling are over a year old accept one that was on an account that I recovered that is 14 years old and currently has 16,825,859 sp. I do not even remember making him. To bad they do not train while inactive.

Again? Dude, you really should take better care of yourself. Alcohol abuse is no joke.

I am not an alcoholic. I am a lightweight. One 4.7% hard cider and I do not feel safe to drive and I won’t either. Two I am slurring my speech. Three and I am thinking of selling characters that I have training for 10 months to get them where I want them because I do not like their names.

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23 hours ago I hope your not still drunk, how is the hangover?

Laughing in traditional scrumpy, not the mass produced rubbish either.