Reusing the name of a Biomassed Character

Hey guys, basically as the title says, if I biomass a character am I able to reuse the same name on another character?


Pretty sure you can’t re-use toon names. Whatever reputation and contact standing that name had, died with it…

I have never tried it, but I have been told that the name can be used again after the biomass.

How so? For example, what if that toon was a ganker with horrible standing before it was biomassed, and 100 or so other players had that particular toon name saved in their contacts as being a red hostile in local. Or that toon was a Jita spammer that thousands of players had blocked. They won’t let us change our names, so I highly doubt they’d let you re-use one, for those exact same reasons.

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Our characters are indexed by an ID number in the database, not by our names.

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Then why won’t they let us change our names? And why couldn’t you have more than one player with the name Rambo if it’s just based on an index number.

Probably because they haven’t decided how much to charge for it. Obviously there can only be one Rambo.

Long story short, everything is based on a character’s name. If there is already a toon named Wonderful Doctor Parnassus and you go to create another toon and try to name it Wonderful Doctor Parnassus, it won’t let you because that name already exists…

So what will you do if somebody comes on this topic and tells you that yes, definitely you can reuse biomassed names?

You could re-use a biomassed toon itself, as long as it kept all of the previous contact associations with it, along with people having that name blocked. That would be fine.

Do you make the rules?

I don;t think you can.

Doomheim is just another corp at the base level, and biomassed characters are moved into it and then it has some additional features that run (eg. with assets, etc.)

So unless CCP occasionally clean up the characters in Doomheim, your character can still be restored to you, but not by yourself. You need to submit a support ticker and a GM can return a character from Doomheim.

As far as names not being the ID of the character, they still have a unique constraint on them, so that no 2 characters can share the same name.

Searching for things isn’t too difficult:

I have no problem with players re-using names of toons they’ve biomassed, just as long as the contacts and standings follow it. If you were an assclown with bad standings on the toon before you biomassed it, you’ll still be on everyone’s list as an assclown with bad standings when you name your new toon that same name…

So if Joe in California biomasses “junebug” and he had bad standings all around, but Kenny in Iceland, decides a month later that “junebug” would be a cool name. You want Kenny to basically have negative standings & contact history, based on the douche before him.

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No, it would have to be the same player with the same account who biomassed that toon that would be the one able to re-use the name. No one else could re-use it. That’s the only way to keep players from exploiting it. Once you name a toon, it’s yours forever, along with whatever negative standing you racked up on it before you biomassed it.

There have been names reused. I have a character with the same name as a toon someone else biomassed. I then used the same name for the character I made. The character ID is different so on the kill board it shows two characters with the same name but different IDs and history.

I don’t know if the name is immediately available for reuse after biomass or if they are released by periodic cleanups by CCP.


Thanks for the replies guys, I created a new toon and biomassed it. Waited the 10 hours to complete biomassing and was able to create a toon with the same name.

So the answer is yes you can recreate the same toon.


Well, then there’s no reason that we can’t rename our toons or have more than one toon with the same name then.

We do not know which variables and mechanics are connected to the name and will be reset in the biomassing process, so most probably CCP has its reasons for this limitation.