Posting while biomassed, is it possible?

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I’m not sure how they’re doing that.

I couldn’t even log in to the forums whilst this character was biomassed never mind post, it just says no account with that name, until CCP resurrected me :slight_smile:

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Try signing in while not biomassed yet and don’t erase your forum cookies nor sign off on the forums to keep the session alive.

Even if you biomass (or sell your character) as long as the forum sign in is alive you can post as the forum only checks the validity of your account when you sign in through the web based authentication site operated by CCP but not afterwards.

At least that’s how it should work on principle.



This can close now.

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Not only we are posting with biomassed toons, we even gank with biomassed toons! You are not safe even in Doomheim!

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It is, but the character has to be signed into the forums when it’s biomassed.

Balos and his alts were doing it for years in his attempts to push his agenda of a PvE wonderland.


I am TIRED of losing my Orcas to these stupid GHOSTS! CCP needs to bust all of these phantom griefers already, before EVE becomes even worse than New York City in 1984!


but the knowledge and wisdom you share , from beyond the grave , is priceless . :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yes, it’s perfectly possible as long as you are logged into the forum before biomassing.

Take Vokan Narkar:

zkillboard shows his character id as: 96777391

Calling the ESI on that character ID:

ESI Link


Biomassing doesn’t delete the characters from the database; and as long as the token is valid (ie. you don’t have to login again), the forum doesn’t know what’s been biomassed and what hasn’t.

If Vokan logged out of the forum and then logged back in, he shouldn’t be able to select Vokan again.

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Also funny / odd that the token doesn’t seem to expire ever, not the best security practice to be honest. :thinking:


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