Biomassed characters still haunts my account

Despite all characters already long gone recycled, game thinks their spirits still roams the vastness of space! - long gone pilot still persists in api somehow.
Does enqueue to biomass really erases character from face of universe? Can it be fixed somehow?
Currently my account has only 1 real character already enqueue to biomass, but what is reality?

It removes characters from your accessibility, not from the database. These mails are not character related, they are account related. As long as you keep your account or don’t undsubscribe from the salesforce mailing lists (link at the bottom of the mail), you will receive these mails.

Thanks to the EU’s GDPR, you can also request from CCP to completely erase your data from their servers and by that completely killing your accounts.

That’s just the generic mail we all got. When you biomass, they go to a corp called Doomheim where they can be restored from later.
Check them at

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