Another false quitter

@Salvos_Rhoska aka @Norian_Rever aka @Proteus_Onzo is still around, despite having said he was to be biomassed 8 days ago.

What happened Salvos? First the CSM troll thread, then the I quit thread and now you’re trying to be incognito despite being more terrible than a Dracvlad attempting to get ganker tears.

You can’t even keep your word, and you expect people to have some form of respect for you?



Got Em

You have to be careful with this. I once got a serious warning for calling out someone publicly.


Happy cake day!


This doesn’t mean the person didn’t biomass. I checked it against a character I did, who still shows.

IIRC biomassing changes your corp to Doomheim, which should show up in the API for a while.

Usually takes 3-4 days to update on evewho or zkill

That is some toxic relationship :skull: I better stay away from this thread. :mask:

Why even bother posting here then? :thinking:

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It is a sad way of trying to hide but like anything lying is good right! Or when caught throw abuse at the person who caught you? Just the same!

Whatever is thought they are both a very sad state of the “I” society we have today!

“Another false quitter”…
I mean, you do you boo, but the fact that you were motivated to make this thread sort of seems to indicate that this person has a rent-free apartment in your mind right now.


Given that he hinted at disclosing afwul secrets of CCP and/or the CSM, can’t we go with the assumption that he got the Jamal Khashoggi treatment upon reporting to the local police station, before he had the chance to press confirm on the biomass?

We could do with an interesting tinfoil hat level conspiracy theory to keep the forum interesting. Alternatively we could go with a much more reasonable sounding “was committed to mental institution” conspiracy.

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k lmao

We didn’t get anything.

He did an Ocean’s 11 on us. Congrats to the man.

Who? … Oh, him. Believe it or not I’ve already completely forgot about him. It seems he had a much deeper impression on OP however. :rofl:

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I thought that too, but then he said

So clearly we’re both wrong.

Clearly. :wink:

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Call out Threads for actions rendered in game like duels or kill mails or fights are all fun and games.

But Call out Threads for the removal of a player FROM the game, are a no go. Closed.