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Farewell sweet Eve, I must decode into the darkened void. For various reasons, none of which impugn upon CCP, Eve or the feral denizens that inhabit this game, I must depart this cauldron of faux drama as RL is generating a bit more real drama than I care to deal with. In four years of nearly daily logons I’ve managed to discover a few things about myself and that is not a bad takeaway. Surprised I was allowed to log onto the forums as this character has been biomassed. Cool thing about the biomass procedure is the sound of the trolley entering the mass converter along with the scream of the character as the flames lick his nether parts. And cool, the girls screams are girl screams, different from the guy screams. And no, you can’t have my stuff as CCP takes it all away during biomass.
Been fun, fly save, all that.

Bye. Hope you come back if RL allows. Glad you had fun in new eden if you never do. o7

We’ll miss you!

Well… Maybe I will at least :smile:

Always sad to see a goodbye post. Hope busy irl is a good kind of busy! Take care o7 o7

Hasta la vista. o7