Can you delete Eve forums accounts/characters? If you can't, should it be implemented?

If you can; please explain where and how.
ONLY the linked forums side of your account, keeping Eve-Online client account and characters.

If you can’t: thoughts about it?

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Biomass the character…I would assume thats the only way. Probably wont remove any of their forum activity… ISD might know for sure.

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Talking about ISD maybe you could remove the ESI linked to forums thus removing the forums profile? :thinking: I don’t know how it works.

People should learn to live with the consequences of their actions.

I totally accidentally flagged that post. I’m sorry and ashamed and also it’s funny as hell because now the irony of this comes in haha :rofl: Oh my god.

Yes you’re absolutely correct.
What my thought process there was intel gathering on targets related to past forums usage.

Might want to or might not want to delete some alts myself from here thus asking for a friend.

By European law they are required to offer the possibility to delete your account and all associated information.

And this can be implemented as only deleting, basically, part of your account? In this case only the forums side of it.

Doesn’t really apply in this case as they are not trying to delete the entire account, just what I assume are forum posts…which they can already do iirc.

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Once a reply has been made, the OP cannot delete a thread. If no reply, and they delete remove their OP, then it locks and ultimately deletes a thread. Likewise the ISDs and up, can remove, or unlist a thread instead of deleting

OP can modify the topic and his own messages though!
So basically you can delete your own writings…
It’s a shame but understandable we can’t ping moderation so they could answer.
I want yes/no answers for these kinds of speculations not maybe, if and buts.

Absolutley, not just because GDPR but a general right to be forgotten.

Remove clone tags when?

Only if you are European. There are several accounts on CCP’s books that I will never log into again with 0 characters but I still get e-mails for login rewards.

You can tag an ISD like @ISD_Drew to answer any questions. And there is a way to have your account deleted, i just saw how.

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Why didn’t you write how then? :grinning:

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Yeah… Flagged.

The official place to get answers is via support: