How to delete an account?

How the hell I delete my account? Tried by annoying the community and ISD, all I got was silence and trolling. Is there any way to delete an account, no questions asked? Like … forever?

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Not yet .

:red_circle: Looks like you have to invoke the GDPR card to get it deleted. Quite interesting that CCP can delete accounts if GDPR is involved, but they can’t otherwise.

omg, is this for real? Cannot delete an account, but ima still judged by them? Is this for real, any lawyer around? They are in not any any treatment, EU nor US. So … it is what it is?

looks like if you are not GDPR, then the only thing you can do is to biomass your characters, and cancel your sub. and remove yourself from the email list

How the fuk I cannot cancel my account? Simple question, simple answer … do you speak English?! I wanna cancel/delete my account.

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i speak perfect english tyvm. As I said the best thing you can do, is to cancel your sub, biomass your character on your account, or delete your character, and remove yourself from any email lists…

So I need to download the EvE app and biomass char … really? Really? And I was talking about the account, not the char … really?

I need the help of James gang. How the fuk you guys quit since account delete is not available? Oh …wait …

So, since no one else has asked…

…Can I have your stuff?

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