Account Deletion - what about EU DataP?

Due to EUDataP-Day today I want to ask if CCP reads mails to ""?

Several weeks ago I asked to delete accounts connected to my emails (all requests were sent from the specific email to
Now I must realize that all my characters stay in place.

Again: CCP check your email and work off my requests. Thanks!

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Did you read what I wrote? Already done this way… weeks ago.

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You say you requested deletion by sending e-mail. The first poster linked you the support portal where you can request the deletion from support which should be the way to go as there they can confirm it is not just a spoofed e-mail as you have to sign in (authenticate thus prove your legitimacy for the request to be fulfilled). Now you respond saying you did that already but still seems you refer to the e-mail you sent while the first poster indicated a support ticket.

So which is it, have you only mailed them or have you opened a ticket to request it?


I did and my conclusion was basically what Uriel wrote. A support ticket requires you log into your account and adds authenticity to your request. Something a simple mail is lacking, as it’s not all that hard to spoof those.

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