Can you delete a account?

So after getting podded a second time in less than a week by gankers trying to do crap lvl 2 missions I would like to know if theirs a way to delete my account.

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I think if you file a support ticket CCP will delete your account.

But before you do, you should realize you were killed both times in low security space which is 0.4 or below. There is no CONCORD retaliation for attacks on you so it is much more dangerous.

Stick to highsec (0.5 or above) for now until you better understand how to defend yourself.

Honestly, sounds like eve is not the game for you if 8,5M of losses is enough for you to delete your account.

Your right,EVE isnt right for me and 8.5 mil is alot for a starter especially when it takes quite some missions to get back to 8.5 mil and im not going to do missions that give a crappy 150k max everytime. Seriously… leave the new peeps alone. Their is no way to defend against gankers who are higher trained period. But thank you for the info Black Pedro and Maekchu.

People just shoot at whatever is available. It is nothing personal.

So it’s a good idea to stay in high security space (systems 0.5 or above) until you’d have learned more about how the game works. As Black Pedro pointed out, you were in low security space when you got killed all of the times.

Anyway, eve is not a game for everyone. It is slow and requires more effort to learn than most games. Hard to find motivation, if the game doesn’t really catch your attention or otherwise interests you.

At least you gave it a try. Alphas are free, so nothing lost besides some gaming time.

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Sorry to see you haven’t had the best start, and that you want to leave. But thanks for trying the game.

Why do you think it’s called “Low Security” ??

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You are complaining because you got killed in one of the most dangerous system of a well known war zone?
Are you ok?

So let me get this strait…

He goes into low sec and then gets killed twice and then wants to rage quit. People really have thin skins.

Did the warning before you jump into lowsec on the gate not give you enough hand holding? What did you expect?

Since you’re still in an NPC corporation I assume you are trying to learn Eve the hard way - solo. It can be done but, we tend to learn by making mistakes and as you’ve discovered, mistakes in Eve can be expensive.

New Eden is a single shard sandbox - there is no special place for new players, but there are player corporations that specialize in training new players. If you think you might enjoy the game if you can get past the learning cliff - consider joining Eve University, Brave Newbies or one of the other teaching corps in New Eden.

Yeah, i had the same feeling when i played Call of Duty.

I kept walking around, wanting to enjoy the graphics and the beautiful landscape, but stupid players kept shooting and killing me.

There is no way to defend against campers who are higher skilled period. Even when i pull out my knife, they pull out their sniper rifle and kill me 10 feet away. With a single headshot. A single shot.

That game was so imbalanced. I left after 2 hours of playing.

So im right there with you man. Dont play a game that pits you against players who are higher level and higher skilled than you. Only play a game with people who are lower skilled, or brand new.

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Yes, you can request CCP permanently delete your EvE account and sometime within a month the security team will do that - but I highly recommend you don’t.

More common is “biomassing” where you destroy a character on your eve account but not the account itself. Recommend you don’t do that either.

If you really want to leave eve simply don’t play it. If the account is Omega subscribed then after the end of that subscription the account will revert to a free Alpha account. Any skills over the maximum an Alpha can hold will just be frozen until such time you subscribe Omega again.

There is no harm to your EvE account if you just leave it sitting. Just do that rather.

This is true, but I would add one extra point. If you paid your Omega subscription by card, go into Account Settings and make sure you have cancelled the recurring subscription.

Like many subscription games, your card is automatically billed for whatever period you first subscribed for - 1, 3, 6 months or a year.

I imagine when people ‘rage quit’ they don’t take this into account until their card statement comes through. (And many people don’t check their statements either).

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ok, so you have just started to train soccer. And you went to the playground with a professionnal soccer team. And you lost. And you whine?

soccer is not for you


really sorry to see you leave befor you have seen anything in EVE
there are player cororations for new players … they look after you … help you fitting ships … help you learn whats going on in EVE and where you should not go in the early days
most time they have free ships and modules for you

EVE Solo is very hard and very frustratin in the beginning


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